• Appeal Process   

    Policy: The Coastal Bend College Financial Aid Office follows federal, state and institutional regulations in administering financial aid.

    • If you have unusual or extenuating circumstances that you feel are the reasons for your unsatisfactory progress, you may submit an appeal form (available at all of our sites and our website) for review by the Financial Aid Appeals Committee. The committee is consisted of Financial Aid office staff.

    • Students are responsible for writing their own appeal answers, providing all relevant third-party documentation and enclosing a signed degree plan from an academic advisor or instructor. 

    • All supporting documentation should be submitted with the appeal form at the time it is turned in. Failure to do so may result in an automatic denial of the appeal, a request for additional information, or a refusal to take action by the committee.  

    • All information will become a part of the student’s financial aid record. Items cannot be returned. 

    • Criteria used to determine approval/denial of the appeal are: GPA, completion rate, overall hours attempted, circumstances during the semester(s) of poor performance, documentation provided by the student and miscellaneous criteria as determined by the committee on a case-by-case basis. 

    • After the Financial Aid SAP Appeals Committee reviews the submitted appeal, the student will be notified of the decision in writing about 1-2 weeks after the monthly meeting date. All financial aid awards remain cancelled until the student follows these appeal procedures and receives a written notification of reinstatement/approval. Students whose appeals are approved are put on probation and on an Academic Plan. The Academic Plan will last from the date of the appeal approval until the next annual measurement event (SAP evaluations are completed at the close of fall, spring, and summer terms). An Academic Plan may span one or more semesters if deemed necessary by the committee. A student who does not successfully comply with their Academic Plan will be placed back onto financial aid suspension. 

    • Appeals submitted at the beginning of a semester may take longer to receive a response. 

    • All decisions regarding requests for additional hours are deemed final and no further appeals will be reviewed for that student by the committee.  

    • Contact Information:

      Financial Aid Office
      3800 Charco Road
      Beeville, TX  78102

      1-866-722-2838 ext. 2238 or 361-354-2238

      Located in the R.W. Dirks Student Services Building, Cougar Center