Nurse Aide

    Certified Nurse Aides provide direct care and assist patients with activities of daily living.

    The two courses, at Coastal Bend College,  that can lead to certification are HPRS 1304 Basic Health Profession Skills and HPRS 1160 Clinical.

    HPRS 1304 consists of classroom and skills laboratory practice and check offs.
    HPRS 1160 is clinical practice in long term care facilities.

    The courses are 144 hours and can be completed in one semester. After successful completion of both courses, the student is eligible to take the state mandated Certified Nurse Aide examination.

    Prerequisites: None

    1.     Students must have all immunizations.

    Immunizations required are:
    • Hepatitis B series (all 3 vaccinations or serologic titer).
    • T B current within the year
    • Tetanus/Diphtheria, must have one dose within ten years.
    • MMR (measles if born on or after January 1957 must have two doses of a measles containing vaccine      administered since January 1968.

     Mumps and Rubella one dose each
    • Varicella vaccine, one dose on or after first birthday or if first dose is administered after thirteenth birthday, must have two doses OR date of disease

    2.    Students must have a background acceptable to the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services. A sanction search of the nurse aide registry will be done.

    3.      Students must provide uniform, shoes, books, stethoscope, B/P cuff, watch with second hand and gait belt as indicated by the instructor.

    Costs for the courses include tuition as noted in the CBC catalog, plus a $108.00 course fee.

    The courses are pre-requisites to the professional nursing program. They are offered each semester at all Coastal Bend College Campuses.

    For more information contact: Susie Gaitan, CNA Support 
    Telephone: 361-354- 2549