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     Cheong-Sig Lee 2 


    Mathematics Seminar 2012  

    • When: Wednesday, October 24, 2012 from 12:30 - 1:30m  
    • Where: Room 200 Alice campus, Coastal Bend College  
    • Presenter: Cheon-Sig Lee, Mathematics Instructor at Coastal Bend College 
    • Topic: "Randomized Response Techniques: Two Decks of Cards" 

    Math Seminar 2012 1  

    Enjoy pizza and soda! 

    Math Seminar 2012 2 

    Thank you for your presence here this afternoon! 

    Math Seminar 2012 3  

    Mr. Lee is presenting "Randomized Response Technique: Two Decks of Cards." 

    Math Seminar 2012 4  

    He is showing the Correlation between Smoking and Drinking. 

    Math Seminar 2012 6 

    Thank you so much for joining us at the Mathematics Seminar 2012!