• Drafting & Design 


     Auto CAD Student



  • The curriculum in Drafting and Design provides a basic general education in mathematics, science, English, and Human relations. It includes training in mechanical electrical, architectural, structural, electronic,  topographic and pipe drafting, and computer assisted drafting (CAD).  Drafting personnel are essential members of the technician/engineering team.  The job requires skill in using drawing instruments, schematics, working drawings, and blueprints.  Working with the engineer and scientist on new ideas, the drafting technician builds and tests products with the assistance of other specialists.  An associate of Applied Science Degree and Level 1 Certificate are awards available in this program.  Students desiring to enroll should have at least two years of high school math.  Drafting & Design Technology is a tech-prep program.  Students who have successfully completed appropriate drafting and design technology course in high school, through a drafting & design tech-prep program articulated with CBC, may receive college credit for those courses. For a listing of Advisory Committee members go to the Additional Information section of the catalog. For information on Level 1 High School Dual Credit Certificates, go to the Additional information section of this catalog.