•   Early Alert Process 

     Step 1: In order for the Early Alert Program to be successful, instructors must first identify students experiencing academic difficulties and submit an Early Alert Referral form.    

    Step 2: Early Alert students will then receive an email message from the Student Success Coordinator.  The email explains the instructors’ concerns and asks them to meet with the instructors or the Student Success Coordinator. 
         Students may receive an alert email due to the following concerns. 
                 • Excessive absences 
                 • Missing tests or assignments 
                 • Homework problem 
                 • Classroom behavior 
                 • Tardiness  
                 • Low scores on tests/assignments
    Step 3: The instructors or the Student Success Coordinator will work with students to address any difficulties that students are having with the course and together develop an action plan to help students. 

    Since the Early Alert is sent via email, students are asked to check emails frequently. If students do not respond to the Early Alert e-mail they will be directly contacted by the Student Success Coordinator.