• Early Development and Education
  • Hands daycare
  • Early Development and Education provides skills and knowledge for entry-level employment in occupations in the field of early childhood. This includes jobs in child care centers, Head Start programs, pre-school programs, private kindergartens and teacher assistants in public schools.  Upon Entry into the program, students may be required to have a TB Test; be certified in First Aid and CPR; have a food handlers certificate, or be fingerprinted.  Students must not have a criminal record.  The Early Development and Education Program offers two Level 1 Certificates and an Associate of Applied Science Degree.  All workforce education students are required to pass a Capstone exam to graduate.  The Capstone exam is administered the semester that student applies for graduation or CDEC 1164.  A minimum grade of 70 must be obtained in each of the CDEC/TECA classes.  Students not meeting program requirements or students who might be a threat to children will be exited from program.  See the "Academic and Disciplinary Policies" section of this catalog for information about lab probation/suspension.  For a listing of advisory committee members go to the "Additional Information" section of the catalog.   For information on Level 1 High School Dual Credit Certificates, go to the "Additional Information" section of the CBC catalog.

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    Melissa Martinez
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