The following is a TSI Waiver for both Dual Enrollment and Non-Dual-Enrollment Students.  A high school graduate can use this exemption.   


    House Bill 5 TSI Waiver –
    (page revised 5/17/19) 

    As of May 2019 - there are only three high schools with the agreement with CBC - they are - San Diego High School, Three Rivers High School, and Woodsboro High School.

    In July 2014 Coastal Bend College, Del Mar College, TAMUCC, and TAMUK entered into MOU’s with the following high schools:  (1) Aransas County ISD, (2) Banquete High School, (3) Corpus Christi ISD, (4) Flour Bluff High School, (5) Gulf Coast Council La Raza, (6)Kingsville ISD, (7)McMullen County ISD, (8) Odem-Edroy ISD,  (9) Orange Grove High School, (10) Poth High School, (11) Riviera ISD, (12) San Diego High School, (13) San Gertrudis High School.

    The student will need to let the Testing Coordinator know that they took a college prep at their high school and are requesting for their high school transcript to be evaluation for TSI waiver.  After the Testing Coordinator has reviewed the high school transcript – then she will e-mail the Registrar with a request for the TSI waiver to be put in our CBC system.  As of 7/20/15 the TSI waiver code has been created for Coastal Bend College. 


    High School College Prep Classes    

    The State of Texas mandated via House Bill 5, Section 10 that each school district shall partner with at least one institution of higher education to develop and provide a college preparatory courses in English   

    Prior coursework and/or test scores can exempt students from taking the TSI Assessment. For a list of Coastal Bend College’s testing exemptions click here.  

    House Bill 5 – TSI Waiver  - each school district shall partner with at least one institution of higher education to develop and provided college preparatory courses in English Language Arts and Mathematics.   

    If a student performs to the indicated college readiness standard (70) in the college preparatory course in English Language Arts OR Mathematics – they are considered college-ready in that subject area and will be allowed to enroll in the first college course in that subject.  The student will not be required to take the TSI test or be placed in developmental courses.    


    TSI Exemptions    


     (10) A student who successfully completes a college preparatory course under Texas Education Code §28.014 is exempt for a period of twenty-four (24) months from the date of high school graduation with respect to the content area of the course. The student must enroll in the student's first college-level course in the exempted content area in the student's first year of enrollment in an institution of higher education. This exemption applies only at the institution of higher education that partners with the school district in which the student is enrolled to provide the course. Additionally, an institution of higher education may enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with a partnering institution of higher education to accept the exemption for the college preparatory course.