We would like to THANK all of the high school counselors and HS personnel for their continued support of the CBC Dual Enrollment program. We hope that you find this web page helpful to you as you assist your students throughout the year. Click here to view our Dual Enrollment Packet. 

    • Course Requests: We ask that you inform us of your course requests one semester prior to requested term. The priority deadlines are as follows: Fall term - February & Spring/Summer term - October. Please keep in mind for specific courses created for your school, there must be a minimum of 15 students and maximum of 30 students before another section is created.  Click the link for our Dual Enrollment Course Request Form.
    • Potential Adjunct/CBC Faculty: Click here to view the Adjunct Onboarding Process.  Any high school teacher interested in teaching a college dual enrollment/dual credit courses at the high school campus, please complete and visit the CBC Human Resources webpage for the application process. 
    NOTE: Any instructor employed by a high school, or any instructor that teaches a course comprised solely of dual-enrollment students, will receive a $600 stipend per CBC course section offered at the high school campus. If the class enrollment is below 15 students, this stipend will be pro-rated as shown in the following pro-rated schedule:   



    •  Dedicated Advising/Support Services:Coastal Bend College is committed to student success and ensuring that all students are on a pathway to success which means the students are being properly advised to enroll in core curriculum courses. Dual Enrollment course offerings are tailored to your school and will be focused on the needs of the students for successful completion of high school requirements and 60 college of college-credit hours (Associate of Art or Science degree). Each school has a Dual Enrollment Specialist assigned to their students who serve as their "dedicated advisor". We offer the following services: academic/career workshops, application workshops, student enrichment workshops (stress/time management, career readiness, test-taking skills, etc.), orientation workshops (Blackboard/New Student Orientation), school college/career fairs, and much more.