• IT Services Hurricane Procedures

    When it is likely that we will be hit by a hurricane a mass email will be sent to everyone reminding them to turn off their computers before evacuating their campus. Once the decision has been made to evacuate, an email will be sent to all staff reminding them a second time to turn off their computers and to tell them they should cover their computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse with trash bags.  Trash bags should be available through your local custodian.   

    The computer center will be responsible for coordinating the covering of computer labs in the Beeville campus. Off campus sites will be contacted to ensure labs will be covered.   

    All servers in the Computer Center will be shut down and disconnected from power outlets and then covered to protect from water damage. Backups will be made of all critical data stored on the servers and disks will be given to appropriate individuals to take off campus. Key people will have contact numbers of computer center personnel. (Tony, Robert, Ryan). Computer center personnel will have emergency phone numbers with them.   

    Once access to the campus is permitted, each building will be checked for possible computer damage. All labs will be uncovered if appropriate and a recap of our situation will be submitted with estimated damage to computers if any.   

    Off campus sites will be called to get an evaluation of their computer situation. If necessary, personnel from the computer center will be sent to assist with the evaluation and to recover damaged computers.   

    Once all recovery has been completed, the computer center will hold an evaluation meeting to suggest improvements to the established hurricane procedures.   

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