• Overview

    Blackboard orientation covers various topics that will become of great use to students throughout the semester. We cover topics such as Internet Test Policies, CampusConnect, Student E-Mail, Library Resources, as well as how to use Blackboard, which is our learning management system (LMS) used to deliver your online course. We have provided students with step-by-step instructions in written format as well as video format on how to use the various programs as mentioned above.  Locate the "Online Tutorials" section to view short videos on how to use Blackboard, Campus Connect, and Student Email.  Visit the "Internet Testing Policies" link to learn more about the testing policies of our CBC Testing Center.  Click the "Purchase Books" link to access our online CBC Bookstore. 

     At Coastal Bend College, Blackboard Orientation will be offered as a self-paced course in Blackboard 9.1 to all new students who enroll at Coastal Bend College.  Review the "Program Login Info" section below to learn what information is used as your username and password to log in to the Blackboard platform.  Click the Blackboard link located in the upper right corner of the CBC website to access the Blackboard login page.  Once you have logged in, click the "Blackboard Orientation" course link to enter the course.  Read over the syllabus and use the course menu to navigate through the different units to learn how to use the Blackboard platform.

    Keep in mind that we want all students to be successful at Coastal Bend College.  Know that you are not alone and that you can contact the student help desk for assistance.  Contact information for the student help desk is as follows:

    E-mail Support:



    Telephone Support:



    866-722-2838 ext. 2508 (Toll Free)
    361-354-2508 (Direct line)

    Live Chat:



    Fall/Spring Hours:  Monday - Thursdays 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Fridays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    Summer Hours:  Monday - Thursday, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

  • Click these links to view written instructions on these programs.

    Blackboard 9.1 
    Campus Connect 
    Student E-mail  


  • Program Login Info

    All students will automatically be assigned a username and password for Blackboard, CampusConnect, Library Resources, Student Email, and Wireless Accounts.  The following table identifies what a student will use to login to our programs. 






    Blackboard  last name plus last four digits of SSN  CBC Student ID number 
    CampusConnect  SSN  Birthdate (MMDDYYYY) 
    Library Resources   last name plus last four digits of SSN  CBC Student ID number 
    Student Email  last name plus last four digits of SSN followed by @study.coastalbend.edu CBC Student ID number 
    Wireless Accounts  last name plus last four digits of SSN  CBC Student ID number 


    Now that you know what information is needed to login to the various programs, you might be wondering what your CBC Student ID number is and where you might find it.  Your CBC Student ID number is a nine (9) digit number that is automatically assigned to students at the time of registration.  If you do not know your CBC Student ID number, you can access this information through CampusConnect. Simply go to our main page (www.coastalbend.edu) and click on the CampusConnect link located in the upper right corner of the screen.  Then login using the credentials as listed above.