• Vita


    Mrs. Rojas is a former graduate of Coastal Bend College with an AAS in Fashion Merchandising (1984), Cosmetology Certificate (1987), Cosmetology Instructor Certificate (1996), AAS in Cosmetology (1996). She has been the Cosmetology Instructor, in Beeville, at Coastal Bend College, for 15 years.

    Mrs. Rojas enjoys shopping, antiquing, and spending time at home.

  • Degrees and Certifications

     AAS Coastal Bend College
         Cosmetology Certificate

          Cosmetology Instructor Certificate
         Fashion Merchandising  


    CSME 1401  Orientation to Cosmetology  

    CSME 1405  Fundamentals of Cosmetology  

    CSME 1551 Artistry of Hair, Theory and Practice  

    CSME 2204 Introduction to Application of Hair Color 


    CSME  1453 Chemical Reformation & Related Theory  

    CSME 1431 Principles of Nail Technology I  

    CSME 1547 Principles of Skin/Facial and Related Theory  

    CSME 2202 Introduction to the Theory and Chemistry of Hair Color 


    CSME 2539 Advance Hair Design   

    CSME 2343 Salon Development   

    CSME 2441 Preparation for the State Licensing Examination 

  • SUMMER 2014 Schedule


    Office: MTWR                 7:30-8:00 

    Theory/Lab  MTWT             8:00-9:30 

    Office: MTWR                 9:30-9:45 

    Theory Lab  MTWR            9:45-12:30   

    LUNCH  MTWR                 12:30-1:30   

    Theory/Lab  MTWR             1:30-2:30 

    Office:  MTWR                2:30-3:00 

    Theory/Lab  MTWR             3:00-5:30 


  • class of 2014 

  •  Class of 2014