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    Our office hours are 7:00am-7:00pm Monday-Friday for your registration and Business office needs.  

    The Pleasanton Site is located on 5.19 acres within the city limits at 1411 Bensdale Rd., Pleasanton, Texas.  It was constructed in approximately 1978.  The approximate square footage is 38,500.  Our site offers academic-transfer courses and workforce education programs in accounting, child development, computer information technology, cosmetology, general office management, law enforcement, office automation technology, welding, auto mechanics and nursing. This Site has a centrally located library with print, video, and electronic resources to provide reference assistance to individuals and classes.

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  • CBC Mission

    Coastal Bend College is a comprehensive, public community college serving a diverse South Texas area.  It is a student-centered institution committed to the highest integrity and to the development of of an educational culture that supports creativity, encourages professional development, and promotes excellence in all areas. 

    On behalf of faculty and staff here at CBC Pleasanton, Texas... 

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