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    ACNT 1303 - Intro to Accounting
    ACNT 1329 - Payroll Accounting
    ACNT 2330 - Government/Non Profit Accounting

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  • Mr. Price began his college education at Bee County Collage (Coastal Bend College), graduating with an Associate of Arts Degree in 1972.  In May of 1974 he received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Southwestern Adventist University.  After working for four years as the Fiscal Director and then Executive Director of the Beeville Community Development Agency, Mr. Price attended Texas A&M, College Station, completing the requirements for the Master of Science - Accounting degree in the summer of 1979.


    In April 1983, Mr. Price was certified by The Institute of Management Accountants as a Certified Management Accountant.  In May of 2010, Mr. Price completed the title V Distance Learning Academy, becoming a Certified Distance Educator.


    Mr. Price has 39 years of industry and teaching experience.  In September of 1974, he was hired as the Fiscal Director of the Beeville Community Development Agency, responsible for all accounting, payroll, budget, investing and audit activities.  In 1977, Mr. Price was hired as the Executive Director of the Community Development Agency, serving in that capacity until he decided to work on his master’s degree in August of 1978.  While working on his master’s degree at Texas A&M College Station, he was employed as a Professor’s Research Assistant.  While attending an Oil and Gas Accounting class, Mr. Price had a paper titled "Revenue Ruling 79‑73 Ignores Tax Reduction Act of 1975," published in the Oil and Gas Tax Quarterly, September 1979, vol. XXVIII, No. I, pp. 76‑85, with Michael N. Cassell.


    In August of 1979, Mr. Price’s graduate advisor recommended him for a teaching position at Western Carolina University in North Carolina.  While at WCU, Mr. Price taught Introduction to Accounting, Income Tax Accounting, Government and Not-for-Profit Accounting, Principles of Accounting I - Financial Accounting, Principles of Accounting II - Managerial Accounting, Intermediate Accounting I and II and Auditing.  At the beginning of Mr. Price’s second year at WCU, the university decided to seek accreditation of the Business Program, which required an instructor with a Ph.D. and they let the last instructor hire go.  As part of his search for another teaching position, Mr. Price wrote and presented with John Rehberg a paper titled "Does Lower of Cost or Market Have a Future?", at the Decision Sciences in the Public and Private Sectors: Theory and Applications, Proceedings of the Twelfth Annual Conference of the Southwest Region American Institute For Decision Sciences, March 1981. He has done business consulting since 1980.



    Mr. Price was hired by the University of Houston, Clear Lake in the fall of 1981, teaching Individual Income Tax, Partnership Taxes, Corporate Taxes, and CPA review courses.  During his tenure at UHCL, the article "A Review of the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982", was published in the Bay Area Business Review, Vol. 4, No.1, Spring 1983.  While at UHCL, Mr. Price successfully passed the exam to become a Certified Management Accounting.  He continues to be certified, meeting the continuing education requirements.

    In the summer of 1983, Mr. Price accepted a position at Bee County College (Coastal Bend College) as the accountant for the Job Training Partnership Program and a part-time instructor.  In the fall of 1985, Mr. Price accepted a full-time teaching position at Coastal Bend College, teaching Introduction to Accounting, Principles of Accounting ‑ Financial, Principles of Accounting ‑ Managerial, Income Tax Accounting, Payroll Accounting, Government and Not-for-Profit Accounting , Introduction to Computerized Accounting, Computerized Accounting Applications, and Introduction to Business.  In 2004 Mr. Price became a certified Phi Theta Kappa Leadership Development Studies Program Instructor, and began to teach Leadership for the college.  Early in his teaching career at the college, Mr. Price and Ms. Ann Richmond wrote a book used to teach the software application WordPerfect, "A Basic Approach to WordPerfect 5.1", with Ann Reader, 1987 ‑ 1994.


    Mr. Price has attended many professional conferences over his teaching career, keeping up to date on accounting principles and procedures and in 2007 served as a Discussion Leader with Jeanene Jones at The League for Innovation Conference.  The topic was  "Extending the Reach of Your Occupational Program",


    Mr. Price has served Coastal Bend College in many different capacities.  He was the Accounting Program Coordinator up to 2012, and has created the accounting advisor handbook to be used when advising accounting students.  He has worked to advise the students wanting an accounting certificate or associate degree since becoming a full time faculty member.


    Mr. Price served on the Faculty Association in various leadership positions from 1985 to 2009 and worked on the transition from a faculty association to a faculty senate.  He served as the President of the faculty senate in the 2009/2010 academic year, and has served as a senator, Immediate Past President and Parliamentarian. Mr. Price worked with the committee that wrote the RUSS Grant in 2005 and 2009, helping acquire the equipment and software for four distance classrooms so the business programs could be taught using video conference classrooms. 


    Mr. Price worked on the QEP for the 2003/2004 Southern Associations Commission accreditation, and has served on various accreditation committees since coming to Coastal Bend College in 1983.  He has served as chairperson on a number of the college committees working on accreditation through the years.  In the period 2008 to 2010, Mr. Price served on the Instructional Service Council, working to improve instruction at Coastal Bend College.


    In 1999 Mr. Price was ask to become the contact advisor for the Phi Theta Kappa organization at CBC, coordinating the invitation, orientation and induction of new members into this International Honor Society.  He has accompanied student leaders to many state and international leadership conferences since 1999.  Mr. Price has been recognized by Phi Theta Kappa as an Outstanding Advisor at both the state and international level.


    In additional to his service to the students at Coastal Bend College, Mr. Price has been active in the community.  He has served in the local fire department, and currently serves on the Traffic Safety Commission for the City of Beeville.  Mr. Price has served as a trustee on the St. Mary=s Academy Charter School Board since 2008, and currently serves as the Chairperson of the board.  He  served on the Coastal Bend College Foundation Board for a number of years, ending his service as President of the Board.   Mr. Price is also very active in his church, serving as the Head Elder of the Beeville Seventh-day Adventist Church.


    Over the years, Mr. Price was ask to join Phi Theta Kappa in 1972, and Beta Alpha Psi in 1978.  In 1974, he was award the Wal Street Journal Award, was named an Outstanding Young Man of America in 1975 and to Who=s Who Amoung America=s Teachers in 2000.


    On a personal note, Mr. Price likes to travel taking pictures, garden, do woodwork, and spend time with his seven grandchildren.