• QEP Leadership Team (QLT)      


     QLT Minutes          QLT Contact Information

    *The QLT also serves as Coastal Bend College's Dream Team for Achieving the Dream. 

     QLT Responsibilities include the following:  

    • Educating college personnel about the QEP and its importance to the college.   
    • Involving all the college community through a variety of means in identifying a QEP topic. (Complete)  
    • Ensuring campus buy-in for the QEP topic by keeping all college personnel informed of QLT progress.  
    • Making data driven decisions related to student learning, a key component of the QEP, to identify need for significant improvement in QEP topic.  
    • Develop a timeline to assure completion by July 2013. (Complete)
    • Document the QEP development.  
    • Report Progress to the SACSCOC Leadership Team.  
    • Write a focused multi-year plan that enhances student learning, is documented in research and best practices, relates to CBC’s mission, is doable and has scalability. (Complete) 
    • Submit the completed plan for college-wide input and approval. (Complete) 
    • Finalize the QEP for submission to SACSCOC six weeks prior to On-Site Review (Fall 2013). (Complete)
    • Review the progress of each of the QEP components and use the findings to update the QEP as needed.


    THE QLT is composed of the following members.  Its makeup will change as the QEP topic is defined.    



    Heather Anderson   

    QLT Chair (Reports to the Vice President of Student and Administrative Services)  

    Noemi Aguilar   

    Lead Contact for My Cougar Course (faculty member)   

    Amanda Barrera Student Development Specialist (Note Taker for QLT)
    Dr. Michael Chavez Vice President of Student & Administrative Services (Ad hoc)
    Charles Daniels Workforce Faculty
    Rolando Diaz Institutional Effectiveness & Accreditation Representative
    Dr. Beatriz Espinoza  President (Ad hoc)

    Guadalupe Ganceres   

    Interim Dean of Student Services   

    Julia Garcia   

    Dean of Workforce Training   

    Katy Gifford  Academic Faculty

    Dr. Twila Johnson   

    Dean of Academics   

    Kayla D. Jones   

    Dual Enrollment Representative 

    Dr. Shannon Lane 

    Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness & Accreditation (Ad hoc)     

    Kelly Rea

    Academic Faculty

    Melanie Reeves Workforce Faculty

    Daniel Vernazza

    President of the Faculty Senate

    Dr. Kyle Wagner Vice President of Instruction & Economic Development (Ad hoc)


    If you are a member of the CBC college community and are interested in serving, please contact Heather Anderson at 361-354-2276 or at 

                                                          The QLT aligns with the SACSCOC requirement 3.3.2.