• Quality Leadership Team Meeting

    February 15, 2013, 9:00 a.m. 

    via Video Conference Rooms on each CBC Site

    Present were:

    Dr. Twila Johnson, Chair

    Donna Atkins

    Dr. Emmanuel Alvarado

    Dr. Patti Candia

    Kayla Jones

    Amador Ramirez

    Susan Smedley


        The Minutes of the meeting of January 25, 2013 were approved.

        The My COUGAR Course presentation was in the Corpus Christi Caller-Times which gave additional exposure for the college. Dr. Alvarado stated that Heather Jackson from Channel 6 called her for an additional interview on the program.

        QEPardy was popular at in-service and the faculty were very positive. Dr. Alvarado stated that faculty told him they learned a lot and now know what QEP is. Moving the screen a bit higher will make future games like this more visible.

        Dr. Barry Goldstein visited CBC for a preliminary review of the QEP with several faculty members present. He made a number of suggestions that will be implemented. QEP should be like a grand application, hypotheses, review of literature, background, budget, assessment, etc.  Dr. Goldstein was especially concerned with data and he suggested maybe we should just start with DE students. Write QEP in future tense with specific aims. Dr. Candia is doing the literature review for this and Donna will be putting it all together. This will not be a pilot but a course redesign. The college must define student success. Redesign of EDUC 1300 will be the final goal and it will be phased in with data collected at every stage for evaluation with comparisons between the old EDUC 1300 and the new EDUC 1300. Ongoing professional development will be conducted. The course will be taught fall 2013 as an elective. Data on the current EDUC 1300 is being collected now to help determine the number of sections needed for fall.  Kayla Jones stated the information could be pulled from ZogoTech. The committee discussed whether or not the course should be hybrid. Susan Smedley stated that our data showed students in developmental education performed better in face-to-face courses.  EDUC 1300 will be face-to-face for developmental and hybrid as an elective. Offering the hybrid portion as proctored in a scheduled lab was suggested. The student will meet one day in a classroom and one day in a computer lab for the hybrid portion with the instructor serving as the facilitator for the course

        There is still a question of sections needed. Claire Fletcher was to provide that information and the committee is still waiting on that so the number of sections needed is still unknown. Training of instructors will be discussed at a future date.

        My COUGAR Course (now an acronym) will become My Cougar Course with COUGAR no longer being an acronym.     

        For Marketing and P/R we need to market and promote the course to gain enrollment in the course. Schedules for fall 2013 will go live on March 25th. The first week of April an activity will be held at all the sites to have a promotion of QEP, My Cougar Course, display branding, start registering, provide prizes for students, and other activities to jump start registration. The activity will happen in Alice on Wednesday, April 3rd, in Kingsville on ____________, in Beeville on _____________, and in Pleasanton on _____________.  This will give Amador a chance to gather data from students on local campuses to include in the QEP website for SACS. Information on how we serve students, enrollment management, and other types of information from students on what they want to see as a student could be gathered. Susan suggested an official “landing page” for the QEP so it can be utilized for student videos, student interviews, and student opinion. This information will be available publicly for dissemination. Marketing materials for QEP can be included there also.

        Amador Ramirez stated that he had already developed a landing page and Susan stated that it needed a different template for consistency. Susan asked for permission from the group to refine some of the language on the Fast Facts. Amador stated that interviews from students are coming soon. He stated that the landing page will be growing to include data collection.

        Donna Atkins reported on the curriculum committee. Since a committee is developing the course, a standardized template for each class presentation and outline is being developed. Content-area experts are developing the presentations and lessons and the group will get back together on March 1st.

        Susan asked what the selling point is for this course. Could we market it for free? Why would students choose this as an elective?  Wording must be such that students are attracted to the course. The course must be marketed as a jump-start to your career.

        The next meeting was scheduled for March 8th but there are conflicts so it will be rescheduled at another time.  Twila suggested March 1st during in-service.

        Amador displayed the QEP landing page. The data on the page does not match the Fast Facts page. The committee made several suggestions for this page.

        The committee was then adjourned.