• Quality Leadership Team Meeting

    April 5, 2013 8:10 a.m.

    Via the Distance Conference Rooms on all CBC Sites 

        Present were:   Dr. Twila Johnson

                              Noemi Aguilar

                              Dr. Emmanuel Alvarado

                              Donna Atkins

                              Dr. Patti Candia

                         Lupe Ganceres

                         Amador Ramirez


        The Minutes of the meeting of March 1, 2013 were approved with corrections.

        Noemi Aguilar reported on enrollment plans for My Cougar Course for fall 2013. Plans are for

    Beeville: 3 sections, 2 standalone (Lupe Ganceres and Noemi Aguilar) and 1 that is a learning community with Math 1314 (Bobbi Hill)

    Kingsville: 3 sections, 1 hybrid (Donna Atkins), 1 stand along (Megan Capeheart) , 1 learning community with English 1301 (Christy Morgan)

    Alice: 2 sections, 1 standalone (Megan Capeheart), 1 learning community with English 1301 (Christy Morgan)

    English: 1 standalone (Sulema)

        Dr. Johnson presented the budget. Amarillo College has requested $3,500 for consulting fees so the budget had to be resubmitted to Dr. Espinoza. The changed budget triggered a number of questions from Dr. Espinoza. Those questions were addressed by Dr. Johnson, Dr. Candia, Ms. Aguilar and Ann Harrell on April 3rd to respond to the questions. The responses were returned to Dr. Espinoza but no follow-up has yet been received from her. A follow-up has been sent to Amarillo College for an explanation of what will be additional benefits from the consulting fee. The committee reviewed the responses developed to these questions.

        The SACS document is due in July. Dr. Johnson is waiting on data and summations. Dr. Candia has helped with references. This has also been reviewed with Ms. Aguilar and Clair Fletcher from IE with additional data added from focus groups that were held previously. Dr. Johnson discussed the evolution of EDUC 1300 at CBC and its evolution. This has provided additional qualitative information for the SACS report.

        No report was available on marketing and public relations due to the absence of Susan Smedley. Dr. Johnson will contact Susan Smedley for an update and to discuss what is still needed to promote the QEP initiative and support materials needed for course development. Communication and publication of the program is vital so all faculty and staff can address any questions on QEP that are presented by SACS. For fall 2013 the course will be promoted as an academic elective that students need to help them be more successful and promotion of this is necessary.  Working with advisors to promote the course is vital. Perhaps with faculty advising students there will be more students placed in the class. This information will also be presented to the Faculty Senate at its meeting on April 18th.

        Amador reported he is developing requested materials for the success course. He is developing videos of Dr. Espinoza and successful CBC students.  He is also developing instructions to create narrated PowerPoint presentations as two instructors have included these as assignments in learning modules.  Mr. Ramirez asked for clarification on QPE websites. The outside site does not need Minutes but is just informational. Ms. Smedley was going to do a bit of “clean-up work” on the FastFacts on the website and this is still incomplete. A bit more clean-up work is needed on the public site. Mr. Ramirez suggested a short video be developed for this site to explain the course to the public. Additional enhancements were suggested and will be pursued.

        Donna Atkins reported on curriculum development. Not all curriculum pieces have been received and additional content is being developed. The Blackboard shell is open to all committee members to view and recommend suggestions.  The projected completion date for the first draft with peer review is the end of May.

        Training in April will be rescheduled for the summer to allow time for the curriculum and training materials to be developed. Training will be scheduled in late June.

        A student success conference at TAMUK is being held on April 12th. Several individuals are attending the conference and hope to gain new ideas and insight on student success initiatives and techniques.  Attending are Lupe Ganceres, Donna Atkins, Noemi Aguilar, Karl Clark, Patti Candia, Twila Johnson, and Kelly Rea. Heather Anderson indicated she had Title V monies to spend to bring student success experts to CBC as a professional development initiative. Dr. Johnson will follow up on this. 

        The name of a lead evaluator for QEP must be submitted to SACS by the end of May. The evaluation must be a person with expertise in the area. Amarillo College submitted two names of individuals who were their evaluators. The committee agreed it would be good to try to use the same evaluator(s) since we are doing basically the same project.

        Susan Smedley and Clair Fletcher arrived (8: 40 a.m.). They indicated they would visit with Dr. Johnson personally to answer any questions she had.

        Dr. Alvarado reviewed the responses to Dr. Espinoza’s questions discussed earlier. He suggested adding a point that student evaluations would be also taken into consideration.

        The next meeting will be on April 26th at 8:00 a.m. in the distance rooms.