• Quality Leadership Team Meeting

    April 26, 2013, 8:11 a.m. 

    via Video Conference Rooms on each CBC Site

    Present were:

          Dr. Twila Johnson      

        Noemi Aguilar 

        Donna Atkins 

        Dr. Patti Candia 

        Claire Fletcher

        Lupe Ganceres

        Amador Ramirez

        Susan Smedley


        The Minutes of the meeting of April 5, 2013 were approved as written.

        Subcommittee reports:

        Budget:  Donna Atkins, Patti Candia, Noemi Aguilar met in Alice recently to tweak budget and resubmit to the president for review. It was submitted to the president but no response was received.

        Marketing/PR:  Twila reported investigating flash drives on lanyards or bracelets. Initial success course content and information will be placed on these drives and will be set to read only so students cannot erase them. This is being further investigated. The price of lanyards and bracelets are different and there is an economy of scale for quantity purchases. Though the lanyard is more expensive it seems to be the better choice. The estimated cost is $700 for 100 lanyards.  Since the course is not starting fall 2013, budget items can be shifted. Twila said she thought we could hold off on the purchase of these since we will not need them until at least the spring

        The plan is to transition into the student success course in the spring 2013 with full deployment fall 2013. Dr. Candia will take the lead in the QEP process soon and assume responsibilities for the success course.

        The QEP document is in progress with 30+ pages written. It is being reviewed and cleaned up for a second read by the president.  Twila is still waiting for data from Claire Fletcher.

        The QEP is being revised into more of a first-year experience to include advising and orientation.

        Noemi Aguilar asked for clarification on QEP for fall. Does the link to other courses for learning communities continue in the fall? Twila stated it would go on under the current curriculum with the change to the new curriculum in the spring of 2014. Lupe asked about the number of classes for fall and discussion followed on this. Twila said she had no directive on orientation and advising model which will be part of the new QEP/student success course.

        Susan reported on FastFacts needs. She suggested bullet points for promotional materials (a flyer and a poster).  She suggested including essential requirements of being college ready. What is the benefit for me? Why do I need to take this class? Too much information will not be effective, just bullet points will be used to be developed by Susan.   Claire and Noemi surveyed students in existing EDUC 1300 classes in Beeville and Alice rather than conduct focus groups to see what students want and developed a list. She prepared an executive survey to summarize the results of the survey.  (copy to be attached when received)  Twila stated this is validation for the student success course as many of the things students indicated they want are included.

        Claire also prepared information on historical EDUC 1300 courses (attached).

        Using video testimonials from students graduating who have completed the EDUC 1300 course was discussed. This will be pursued for promotional purposes.

        Twila reported on the success conference at TAMUK on April 12th attended by Twila, Noemi, Lupe and Donna.  Lupe Ganceres reported on sessions she attended and the emphasis placed on student engagement.

        We are required to submit two names for Lead Evaluator for our QEP submission. Two names have been received from Amarillo College. Twila will follow up on this and the president will submit the names to SACS. This must be finalized in May.  The final choice is decided for us by SACS and all we can do is make recommendations.

        Claire will be involved with Twila in finishing up the document to be certain statistics are reported properly.

        Patti will move into QEP Director position soon and take the lead at that time.

       The next meeting will be on May 16th at 2:00 p.m.