• Quality Leadership Team Meeting

    July 11, 2013, 2:00 p.m. 

    via Video Conference Rooms on each CBC Site

        Present were:   Dr. Patti Candia

        Donna Atkins

        Monica Cruz

        Lupe Ganceres

        Dr. Twila Johnson

        Kayla JoneS

        The Minutes of the meeting of May 24, 2013, were approved as written.

        Monica reported we ordered 500 “Enroll Now, Ask Me Now” buttons for faculty. Pens that also serve as a stylus were ordered to feature QEP. Table tents and bookmarks will be ordered in the future along with pop-up banners. Banners will feature QEP and CBC Smart Art and can be used for recruiting and other college advertisements. Movie theater ads will be changed out at $75 per theater. QEP is paying to change out the ad. The Marketing Department plays for the theater display. Ads will be changed about every 3 months with ads now in Beeville, Alice, and Kingsville.  More social media will begin soon.

        Dr. Candia reminded the committee that anyone on campus should be able to explain what the QEP is to the visiting SACS team when they come in November and that marketing this is extremely important. She stated that an individual would be coming in to do customer service training the first Thursday faculty return this fall. This will include faculty, staff, maintenance and clerical. Lupe Ganceres suggested including a brochure with paycheck stubs beginning in August and continuing to October.

        The QEP Website needs work and Dr. Candia asked for ideas and suggestions.

        The committee discussed multiple ways to communicate the QEP to faculty and to include students in the QEP process.

        Donna Atkins reported on the status of the curriculum. The pilot for the program will begin spring 2013 with new curriculum. Methods to peer review the curriculum were discussed. The possibility of piloting modules was discussed. Piloting individual modules to select groups as workshops was presented as a way of testing the curriculum.

        The lead evaluator for the QEP is Christine Kelley-Kleese from Durham Technical College. She is reported to be thorough but asks a lot of questions.  The QEP Report first draft is available in Patti’s office for input. There are a number of areas that need more information.

       The meeting was adjourned.