• Quality Leadership Team Committee Meeting

    October 24, 2013, 9:20 a.m. 

    Robert J. Beasley, Jr. Building -  Board Room

    Present were:   Heather Anderson, Chair

    Donna Atkins

    Claire Fletcher

    Julia Garcia

    Felipe Leal

    Dr. Twila Johnson

    Pete Trevino

    Dr. Kyle Wagner


        The purpose of the meeting is to review the QEP and make changes/edits as requested by Dr. Espinoza.

        Ms. Anderson reported that the QEP had been submitted prior to Dr. Espinoza’s review. Dr. Saenz (consultant) reported concerns of the previous draft. The assumption that no changes to the QEP cannot be made until SACS comes is incorrect so additional changes were requested by Dr. Espinoza. The customer service component is being removed. This has already been reviewed by Mr. Leal, Dr. Johnson and Ms. Anderson and changes made.

        Components to be added are Dual Credit advising, Dual Credit Orientation (mandatory and online) and EDUC 1300 for Dual Credit and workforce students.

        Dual Credit students beginning spring 2014 must do a mandatory one-hour online orientation.  Details will be worked out with the high schools by Kayla Jones the college Dual Credit Coordinator.

        EDUC 1300 was originally only to be required for academic majors but will now be required for dual credit and workforce courses. Dr. Wagner stated this would be in Level I and Level II Certificates as well. It will not be included in Marketable Skills.

        Discussion followed regarding the implementation of the success course in Level I and Level II certificates. A call was made by Dr. Johnson to THECB regarding how EDUC 1300 fit into degree plans. With EDUC 1300 in the core options component the college will get state funding for those courses. THECB reported that they will soon consider TSI in Level I certificates.

        A timeline for deployment to all students was discussed. Two options were proposed:

           Option 1: Implement all by fall 2014 and revamp all workforce degree plans and include for Level I, Level II, AAS and Dual credit

           Option 2: Fall 2014 all academic plus four workforce programs, two AAS, two level I, and two Level II certificates. Look at how it impacts our workforce graduation.  

        Discussion followed on dual credit students. Dual Credit students are college students and should be advised as college students. The option for high school counselors to do college advising is not acceptable. It is necessary to identify the staff to do this.  How to advise dual credit students within the new advising model was discussed and is a challenge as most of these students do not come to any CBC campus. Why do degree plans for students most of whom will not be coming to CBC? Is this a burden to require dual credit students fit into our current advising model? Dr. Johnson suggested an alternate advising model for dual credit. We are now taking a “one-stop-shop” group to Pleasanton soon and this might be more appropriate. Use the "CBC Smart Start for Dual Credit" title for advising at first contact. Historically adjuncts have had no advising role as full-time faculty do.

        Dual Credit Advising Options:

        Use CBC Smart Start as a pilot for advising dual credit

        High School teacher advise but we would have to compensate and train them

        Do advising face-to-face using technology online (Campus Connect) as needed

        EDUC 1300 course has an advising component to it and use that for advising for dual credit students

        Visit with high schools to see if they can provide face-to-face time for college advisors to visit with dual credit students

        A more developed plan for dual credit advising will be implemented for fall 2014 after all options are further considered. Dr. Johnson volunteered to work on the plan along with others who serve. The biggest concern is adequate staff.

        Ms. Anderson indicated she would be requesting documentation for QEP files and asked people to respond to requests. 

        Meeting was adjourned at 10:30 a.m.