Satisfactory Progress Policy  



    Federal regulations require standards of satisfactory progress for students who receive federal funds. Students must meet the following minimum standards each semester and maintain the acceptable cumulative GPA and completion rate as defined in the college catalog to avoid scholastic probation or suspension. 

    GPA Requirements:                                                                                                                      

    Total Hours Attempted:       Minimum GPA:                                                  
    0-11                                     N/A
    12-20                                   1.50
    21-40                                   1.75
    41-Graduation                      2.00


    67% or Higher Requirement:
    A student must have a cumulative course completion rate of 67% or higher in order to receive financial aid and maintain appropriate timeframe/pace.   

                                Formula: Hours Earned / Hours Attempted= >67%     

    For Students Who Do Not Meet the Above Criteria:
    A student who does not meet the satisfactory progress requirements will be placed on financial aid warning. The student may receive financial aid for one semester after they are put on warning. If after this one semester the student does not meet the satisfactory progress requirements, the student’s financial aid will be suspended. Students whose aid is suspended are not eligible for any type of financial aid/student loans until they have met the satisfactory progress requirements.

    Maximum Eligibility:
    Students must complete their program of study within 150% of the length of the degree or certificate program measured in semester hours. All courses taken in which grades of I, W, Q or F were earned, in addition to transfer credits accepted by the institution, apply toward the 150% rule.

    Remedial & Repeated Coursework:
    A student may only receive aid for the first 30 hours of remedial coursework regardless of whether or not aid was received for those courses. Grades earned in remedial coursework do not count towards a student’s GPA requirements, but do count towards a student’s 150% maximum aid eligibility and 67% requirement. Once a passing grade is earned in a course (D or higher), the student may only receive aid to retake the course ONE time. A student may receive aid to retake a failed course as many times as needed until a D or higher is received and satisfactory progress requirements are being met. Note that out-of-district/state fees may apply after the 3rd attempt of a course.

    Appeals Process:

    Students whose financial aid has been suspended may appeal for reinstatement of financial aid due to extenuating, documented circumstances such as illness, death in the family or undue hardship. Appeals will be processed by the Financial Aid Director and reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee. Applications can be obtained in the financial aid office.

    Withdrawals & Possible Repayment of Financial Aid Received:
    Financial aid recipients who withdraw or stop attending classes before completing at least 60% of the semester may have to pay back a portion of their loan/grant money. The amount of financial aid that you have earned up to the withdrawal date is determined by a specific federal formula. The percentage of the refund is equal to the number of days attended divided by the number of days in the semester.

    If you received more financial assistance than you earned, the excess funds must be returned. You will have 45 days to pay the repayment in full, make arrangements for payment with CBC, or make arrangements for payment with Department of Education. If no action is taken within the 45 days, your overpayment will be reported to the Department of Education and you will no longer be eligible for financial aid at CBC or any other college until the overpayment is paid.

    I understand that if I withdraw or stop attending all my classes that I may have to repay part of the financial aid I received for that semester. I will report my withdrawal from all my classes to the financial aid office. I certify that I do not owe a refund on any grant or loan and not in default on any loan. I will use all Title IV money received only for expenses related to my study at Coastal Bend College. In addition to other education expenses I give Coastal Bend College authorization to deduct books and supply charges from my financial aid.