• SI Leader Job Description
     SI Leaders in action 

    Supplemental instruction is a peer led academic assistance program meant to improve students’ academic performance and increase retention. SI sessions allow supplemental instruction leaders to facilitate a peer to peer learning environment. 

    Minimum Qualifications  

    • Be enrolled as a student at Coastal Bend College 
    • Maintain an overall GPA of 3.0 or above 
    • Demonstrate good interpersonal communication skills 
    • Receive a grade of B or better in the selected courses taken at the College  
    • Availability to attend all scheduled classes  for the course 
    • Available to work around 10-12 hours per week 



    Supplemental instruction leaders are responsible for facilitating peer study sessions for their assigned course. Their primary responsibilities are: 

    • Attend all scheduled lectures for the course 
      • Take notes 
      • Complete all the assigned homework 
      • Be a role model for good student behavior 
      • Actively advertise supplemental instruction throughout the semester 
    • Prepare for SI sessions 
      • Preparing a different worksheet for every session 
      • Complete any necessary reading/homework to make yourself knowledgeable 
      • Integrate course content with active learning skills 
    • Facilitate 3 SI sessions per week 
      • Guide students through course content related worksheets or activities 
      • Schedule review sessions before tests 
      • Engage students in active learning strategies such as review games 
    • Attend meetings 
      • Attend any and all training sessions 
      • Meet with the professor at least every other week 
      • Meet with supervisor assistants as necessary 
    • Additional administrative duties 
      • Turn in all required paperwork on time and complete 
      • Turn in timesheets on time and keep track of hours accurately 
      • Maintain a professional attitude at all times 
      • Notify supervisor and students in advance if you need to reschedule or cancel an SI session 
      • Collect data at the end of the semester for program evaluation  


     Benefits of the SI program  

    • Paid professional opportunity to help other students succeed  
    • Build relationships with other SI leaders and students enrolled in the course  
    • Build rapport with instructors, program coordinator, and director  
    • Develop skills in being a facilitator of learning  
    • Great experience to discuss during interviews and to put on your resume