• Salary Scales 

    For Your Information...

    All employees (both part-time and full-time) are paid according to their job function which means placement on one of seven (7) scales. These scales include: Clerical Scale A and Clerical Scale B (Full-Time, Non-Exempt Classified Clerical),Administrative Scale A and Administrative Scale B (Full-Time, Professional and Technical), Para-Professional (Full-Time, Para-Professional in the Classroom and the Daycare), Faculty (Full-Time, Instruction),Independent Study,Composite (Part-time), and Physical Plant Scale

    The Coastal Bend College Policy Manual may be consulted for additional information governing the use of salary scales. The following excerpt from DEA(LOCAL) is included for general information.

    Personnel shall be paid according to a salary schedule or wage scale adopted by the Board after a recommendation by the College President. The College President shall review annually salary schedules and make recommendations to the Board for annual cost-of-living increases and/or salary step adjustments.

    When determining an employee’s placement on the College District’s salary schedule or wage scale, the employee’s position,
    responsibilities, experience, education, and years of service shall be considered.

    The College Board reserves the right to make final decisions in matters relating to salary and placement on schedules.