Search Committee Information

    Thank you for your participation on a Coastal Bend College Interview Search Committee. It is the Human Resources' pleasure to assist in any way during the hiring process. Please view our procedures regarding the Interview/ Search procedures below.If there are any questions please contact the HR office at ext. 2224 or (361) 354-2224.

    Interview/Search Committee Process    

    Personnel Requisition

    Supervisor completes Personnel Requisition and submits it to the appropriate Dean and Vice President for approval. 


    Personnel Requisition should then be submitted to Human Resources Office with all required signatures. Follow this link for PersonnelRequisition Template.   

    The requisitions should have the following attachments: 

    Job Description 

    List of Interview Committee Members  


    Supervisor, Dean or Vice President submits an updated Job Description with Revision Date electronically to HR using the approved Job Description Format.   


    HR will submit Requisition and Job Description to the College President for approval. (If applicable)  

    Job Folder

    HR will assign a number and create a job folder to the Approved Requisition and post the position to the HR webpage and other job posting sites.  


    HR will create a Job Folder in BlackBoard. Committee members will be able to view applications via BlackBoard. All applications will be uploaded as they are received.  


    Interview Committee

    It is the responsibility of the Committee Chair to provide HR with a list of all Committee members and a list of all applicants to be interviewed.   


    Interview Date and Time

    It is the Committee Chair's responsibility to inform HR of the date and time for interviews. HR requires notice of no less than 5 business days for all interviews. Any special accommodations required should be communicated to HR.  


    HR will contact applicants and schedule interviews, conduct reference and criminal background checks. Copies of references will be provided to Committee Members.  


    Interview Location

    Upon notification of date and time of interviews, HR will schedule a location for the interviews.   



    It is the responsibility of the Committee Chair to inform HR if a test or presentation will be required, and what the test/presentation will consist of, and any time limits as applicable.  

    Faculty Interviews consist of a two tier process. First tier interview committee should consist of Dean and at least three other faculty members. First tier committee will refer 2-3 candidates for second tier interview.


    Tier two committee consists of College President and the Vice President of Instruction and Economic Development.


    Part Time and Adjunct Instructors do not require committee interviews.


    Interview Questions

    It is the responsibility of the Committee Chair to submit interview questions to HR for review. Questions should be submitted to HR for approval no less than 2 days prior to the scheduled interviews. (Interview Question Template)


    HR will notify the chair upon approval of the Interview Questions.


    It is the responsibility of the Interview Committee Chair to provide copies of the Interview Questions for each Committee Member. 


    Interview schedule

    It is the responsibility of HR to provide the Interview Committee with a schedule of interviews which will include the date, time, location, and scheduled applicants.  


    It is the responsibility of the Interview Committee Chair to verify that all members will be present the day of the interviews.  


    It is the responsibility of of both HR and the Interview Committee Chair to communicate any changes to the schedule in advance when necessary.  

    Post Interview Process 

    Applicant should complete an Interview Exit form with HR or appropriate off-site designee. 


    Each Committee Member must sign the statement of confidentiality form and submit to HR. (Confidentiality Form)  


    All Interview Question Forms completed by each Committee Member must be submitted to HR immediately following the interviews.  


    Applications printed by any Committee Member should be shredded immediately following the interviews.  


    Letter of Recommendation

    It is the responsibility of the Interview Committee Chair to submit a Letter of Recommendation to HR. HR will submit the Letter of Recommendation to the College President for approval.   


    Job Offer

    HR Director will contact the applicant with a job offer upon receipt of approval from the College President.