•  Students Records Policy

    The Registrar is responsible for maintaining directory and student record information.  Directory information may be released to the public and includes:

    • Name   
    • Current and permanent address   
    • Telephone number   
    • Major(s) or minor(s)   
    • Date of birth   
    • Status (full or part-time registration)   
    • Classification   
    • Participation in officially recognized activities and sports   
    • Weight and height of members of athletics teams   
    • Date of attendance   
    • Degree and awards received; and   
    • All previous educational agencies or institutions attended   

    A student's consent to release directory information is presumed, unless a request to restrict the information is made by the student during registration before the beginning of each semester.  This restriction of consent remains in effect for the duration of the semester.  Every effort will be made to treat restricted information as confidential.  In response to public inquires, the college will only verify whether a student is currently enrolled.

    All educational records at CBC are maintained in accordance with the state and federal laws.  College, state, and federal officials who act in the student's educational interest have access to student records without prior written consent of the student.