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    Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Developmental Education Program (DEP) Instruction Sheet
    for Pre-Exam Review 

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    We're glad that you're interested in attending CBC, and we hope that your time with us is both productive and rewarding.  To give you a refresher on various subjects covered in the actual Accuplacer Exam, we've put together a training module for you. 

    This training must be completed before you take the Accuplacer Exam. 

    You can complete the entire four hours online using the PLATO program from any computer that has internet access.  

    For additional review information, you can go toPre-Accuplacer Review Workshop Presentation  (http://www.coastalbend.edu/Pre-AccuplacerReviewPresentations/) site for a virtual workshop. 
    And Testing Tips  (http://www.coastalbend.edu/TestingTips/) and exam information for more information about the Accuplacer exam. 
    There is also a website that deals with the Essay portion of the Accuplacer which is very helpful on this site.

    To start the four (4) hours of mandatory preparation work so that you can take the Accuplacer exam, please review the steps below:
    Steps 1 - 3  are the computer requirements that you'll need to review before you start working in PLATO. 
    Steps 4 - 5 walk you through how to enroll yourself into the PLATO program so that you can start your preparation work. 

    1.  On an internet-connected computer, you will need to have the following Internet Browsers installed:  Internet Explorer 8 or higher . 
    You can install Internet Explorer by going to the following site:  http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/default.aspx 


    [Posted on PLATO system 7/2/12 -  PLATO will discontinue support of its software on Internet Explorer 7.0, and Safari 4.0 as of our Summer 2012 release (July 30, 2012).  

    This transition will allow us to continue to deliver high-value  educational content while taking advantage of modern web technologies and
    security enhancements.
    For assistance and resources on updating your internet browser, please refer to your technical support team, and to the Microsoft and Apple support links below:



     2.  You will need to turn your Pop-Up Blockers off.   


    3.  Flash Player version causes some activities to load a black screen. This version of Flash was released on 8/9/11.  This issue has been resolved by the latest release of Flash Player, version, released on 8/25/11.
    To see what version of Flash you have, click here. Your version is listed under “Version Information”
    near the right side of the page.  Visit the Adobe Flash Player page to update to the latest version.

    4.  Now you are ready to go to the preparation website:  http://ple.platoweb.com

    5.  Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on "Need a PLATO Account for Self-Enroll?" button.  You will see the following screen.


    Instructions - 1  

       After you've clicked on the self-enroll button, you will see the following screen:

    Instructions - 2 






    Follow the steps.  Below are the account login and class id and password that you'll need to self-enroll yourself into the CBC2 – Accuplacer Review Preparation session to review before you take the Accuplacer exam.  You can copy and paste the Class ID information from this page to the self-enroll area in PLATO.

    (New class – 2/15/13 - which will print report that examinee will print for Testing Department before taking the Accuplacer exam)
    Fall 2014 - TSI Assessment 

    Account Login
    :   CBC1

    Class Id




     [7/15/14 - update - created CBC-TSI-Prep]


    Password: spring



    Print out the copy of your registration - which will look like this:

    Keep this for your record.  

    Be aware that Coastal Bend College has 12 licenses for the PLE Plato System. So only 12 people can be using PLATO at the same time.  If you can't login to the system, there may already be 12 people in the system.  Wait an hour or so and then try again.

    After you successfully log in, you'll see the following screen: 



    You'll click on the Assignments button to see the individual areas for Writing / Reading / Math/ and Test Taking Skills.


    You’ll do the Mastery Test and if you do well, then you can move to another module.  If you don’t do well on the Mastery Test (which is a 5 to 10 question quiz) then you’ll want to do the Tutorial. 

    We ask that you spend at least one (1) hour in each section.  You do not have to do all of the lessons in each section - there are too many to complete in one hour. 



    Start with the Mastery Test - if you don't do well on the Mastery Test - then do the tutorial.

    You will need to have a total of four (4) hours of preparation in PLATO before you are eligible to take the Accuplacer exam, if you are a first-time college student. 

    To see how you are progressing with your time, you will click on the Home button.  At the bottom of the screen under Reports – click on the link for Learner Portfolio Report. 



    You will then see a report which looks like the one below:

    Print this summary report for our Testing Department and hand it to the Testing Personnel when you go in for your scheduled Accuplacer exam session. 
    This preparation session will help you be more comfortable with the Accuplacer exam content. 
    This should then make you less nervous when you come in for your actual Accuplacer exam. 
    So please spend as much time as you can reviewing the material in the PLATO program. 
    This is for your benefit.
     If you want to spend more than the mandatory four (4) hours in PLATO, you are welcome to do so.

    If you are experiencing technical issues with PLATO:

    Please go to the following PLATO Support Website: 


    If you have questions or concerns of a non-technical nature, please contact:

    Roberta Kreis
    Testing Coordinator
    Coastal Bend College
    3800 Charco Road
    Beeville, Texas  78102
    Phone:  (361) 354-2244
    E-mail:  kreisr@coastalbend.edu 


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