• Coastal Bend College - TSI Assessment Score Request Form for entering scores into Campus Connect 

    Please enter the following information so that the Testing Department can enter your Coastal Bend College TSI Assessment Scores into our main database.  If your scores do not show up in Campus Connect, you could have a hold placed on your account which will keep you from registering for classes the following term.  

    When you are in Campus Connect - you can scroll over "Registration" then select "Unofficial Transcript" and "Produce Transcript"  to update your TSI Status if you see scores in Campus Connect - but the TSI Status is INCOMPLETE.  


    Enter your full name: 
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    Enter your Coastal Bend College ID# (If you don't know your # - Open your Campus Connect file - the number above your name in the center of the screen is your CBC ID#):    
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    Enter the date/(s) when you took the TSI Assessment at Coastal Bend College:    

    Select where your exam was administered:  

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    If you took your TSI Assessment at an Institute of Higher Education that was not Coastal Bend College and would like Coastal Bend College to access your score report - please fill out the 
    TSI Release Form  print and sign.  Send it to Coastal Bend College - Testing Department, 3800 Charco Road, Beeville, Texas  78102.   You may also scan the report after signing it and then e-mail it to testing@coastalbend.edu.  If you have a copy of your TSI Score Report from the institution where you tested, please send a copy of it along with the release form. 




    Form created 8/7/14 - RK
    revised on  6/28/18