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  • Effective August 26, 2013 (based on House Bill 3468-Texas College-Readiness Assessment and Placement) and the new TSI Assessment will be the only accepted college placement exam and all test scores taken prior to this date will no longer be valid for first-time in college students. 

    The TSI Assessment is a computerized test that will evaluate reading, writing, and math skills to determine placement in college-level courses. It is required for most first-time in college students at CBC. 

    More detailed information regarding the three sections on the TSI Assessment: 

    * Multiple-choice, non-timed, Reading Comprehension
    * Multiple-choice, non-timed, Sentence Skills and possibly a non-timed essay pending the placement of Sentence Skills portion
    * Multiple-choice, non-timed, Intermediate Algebra/Geometry & Measurement/Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability 

    By assessing the three areas above it will ensure that students who enter CBC are prepared with the necessary academic skills to achieve academic success. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has approved the TSI Assessment as the official exam for the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) required testing.

    Results of the TSI Assessment assist CBC Advisors identify students' academic strengths and areas they may need improvement to succeed in college. It is VERY important that students take this exam seriously and do the best they can in order to have an accurate measure of their academic skills, which will ensure they are placed in the correct courses at CBC. Please see the links provided below to assist in practicing for the TSI Assessment. 

    We recommend that you complete the Pre-Assessment Activity at least 48 hours prior to taking the test, so you will be prepared. Make a reservation (this is mandatory) at the CBC location nearest you by paying reduced fee for Dual Enrollment students ONLY of $15 with a re-test fee of $5 per section. and signing the TSI Contract at least one week prior to your test date. Note: If you are not currently a CBC student, you must complete the ApplyTexas application prior to making your test reservation (this may take 2-4 days to process, so you can be issued a CBC Cougar ID #).

    House Bill 4.55 mandates all institutions to provide a Pre-Assessment Activity prior to taking the TSI Assessment. Please click here for more information regarding the CBC Pre-Assessment Activity.

    College Placement Chart