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    CBC TSIA2 Virtual Remote (Examity) Voucher Request Form  

















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    Coastal Bend College
    TSIA2 Virtual Remote Voucher Request Form
    The new TSIA2 exam will not start until January 11, 2021 - this will be the first week that TSIA2 vouchers will be created.
    (A person may take the exam from their home with this option.  Examity – a secure online proctoring service, will administer the exam.  The examinee is responsible to pay the additional proctoring fee to this independent company.) 

    Coastal Bend College must have proof of payment of the TSIA2 fee and confirmation that the TSIA2 Pre-Assessment Activity has been completed from the examinee before a Virtual Remote Test Voucher may be created.  Allow 2 – 5 business days to process and receive a TSI Virtual Remote Voucher. 




    I understand that I must pay an additional $25.00  to Examity (a secure online proctoring company) for each section of the TSIA2 exam that I have Examity proctor for me.   





     I have gone to the Examity student site or watched their video and have checked the system requirements on my laptop computer.   





    I have valid and current Photo Identification.   








    CBC Student ID:   



    Last Name:     



    First Name:   



    Date of Birth:   



    Address:  Street/P.O. / C.R. / etc…..   









    Country (if outside of the United States):   



    Zip Code/Postal Code:   



    E-mail Address:   



    Home Phone #:     



    Cell Phone #:     













      Select the area/(s) of the TSIA2 you need to take - be aware that for Virtual Remote Testing - you may take one section at a time - since no breaks are allowed during testing and each section of the TSIA2 could be anywhere from one (1) to three (3) hours in length.  You will need to pay Examity - the proctoring service a 25.00 fee for each individual section that you take:     





    Enter CBC Receipt#:
    Enter Amount Paid:
    Enter Date Paid: 



    Created 10/6/19
    Revised 9/27/21