• College and Career Days
    High School sophomore students interested in pursuing Dual Credit Marketable Skills certificates (i.e., Accounting, Welding, and Criminal Justice) and Workforce Certificates or Associate’s Degree are urged to take advantage of this wonderful FREE opportunity!  (Workforce Degree Plans include:  Accounting, Welding, Criminal Justice, Automotive Technology, Airframe, Basic Design Skills {Drafting}, and Basic Early Development.) It will help them get a jump start on education and venture into the work world while still enrolled in high school.
    1. Expose high school students to the rigor of Workforce college courses by allowing them to sit and audit a “live” college classroom.
    2. Promote Workforce careers to area high school students by allowing students to speak with community members who are employed in Workforce careers locally.
    3. Reveal the importance of jump starting one’s college career early by enrolling in Dual Credit courses.
    This event is coordinated with your child’s sophomore high school counselor; so, please make sure all permission slips are turned-in to your High School Counselor’s Office two weeks prior to the event.    

    College & Career Day Permission Slip: Beeville, Alice, Kingsville, Pleasanton   

  • Summer Bridge
    High School sophomore students who have enrolled in dual credit courses for the fall of their junior year and plan to pursue a certificate or degree in the Workforce field are invited to attend the Summer Bridge program provided by Title V during the month of June. As with all Title V “Celebrando Educación” events, this event is FREE to those who apply and are approved to attend. Every year colleges and universities have an orientation for incoming freshman; however, there are very few such orientations available for Dual Credit students, especially in Workforce Education. (Workforce Degree Plans include: Accounting, Welding, Criminal Justice, Automotive Technology, Airframe, Basic Design Skills {Drafting}, and Basic Early Development.) Coastal Bend College aims to provide that same service for the new incoming Dual Credit Workforce students and to positively bridge the life of a high school student to the life of a college student.
    1. Aim to provide the student with a sense of acknowledgement as incoming college freshman do during freshman orientations.
    2. Make Dual Credit students aware of valuable resources at each CBC location so that they will be more informed of where to seek assistance should the need arise.
    3. Expose students to interactive sessions on soft skills, test taking skills, and on how to be an online student.
    4. Participate in FUN team building and leadership activities!

    Summer Bridge Permission Slip/Application: Beeville, Alice, Kingsville, Pleasanton

  • Leadership Symposium

    Students who attended Summer Bridge are invited to attend our Leadership Symposium during the month of August. The Leadership Symposium focuses on developing leadership skills through classroom sessions and utilizing what they learned in FUN interactive activities. This is another FREE event so we encourage you to think about taking advantage of something that can only prove to benefit your child’s success.  

    1. Strive to help students understand that taking on a leadership role is rewarding.
    2. Help students to define the essential qualities that are found in a leader and recognize that they have at least some of those characteristics within them already. 
    3. Give students the knowledge to be able to recognize different types of leaders in their daily lives and how best to work cooperatively with each of them.   

    Leadership Symposium Permission Slip/Application: BeevilleAliceKingsvillePleasanton