• Vitae

    Tristan Schober was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, and spent the majority of her youth in rural South Texas. Loving art from an early age, Ms. Schober knew a career in The Arts would be the perfect fit, and ultimately chose to receive both a Bachelor of Fine Arts (with an emphasis in Photography) and a Master’s of Studio Art (with an emphasis in Mixed Media-Photography and Sculpture) from Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi in 2010.

    Ms. Schober has been teaching at Coastal Bend College for three years now, and loves interacting with her students. She finds that one-on-one teaching is the best way to connect with students, and enjoys seeing that special moment when things just “click”.

    Drawing has been a life-long passion for Tristan, with charcoal being a favorite medium. As an important fundamental skill for the artist, Ms. Schober sees the act of drawing as an essential building block in solidifying oneself in any of the many career paths that may be provided by an art degree. 

    When she is not drawing, Ms. Schober can be found doing an odd amalgamation of assignments: teaching 5-year olds how to tie-dye, making marionettes out of bones and clay, photographing strange things on the side of the road, or painting portraits of birds at five in the morning. A lover of book illustrations, fairy-tales, osteology, puppetry, and nature, Ms. Schober uses various influences to inspire her artistic pursuits, and delights in the prospect of creative freedom. It is in this spirit that she hopes to inspire her students to continue with their passions as creative people and as future artists.

    Ms. Schober is active with many local art organizations, including The Art Center of Corpus Christi, KSpace Contemporary, and the Beeville Art Museum.

  • Tristan Schober 

    E-mail Address: tschober@coastalbend.edu  

    Office: T-119 

    Extension: 2322