Coastal Bend College Admission and Transfer of Credit Policies  
    • Applicants must complete a Coastal Bend College application and meet standards for admission. Admission policies for Coastal Bend College begin on page 23 of the Course Catalog & Student Handbook  

    • Prior to acceptance, students must submit their official transcripts with their application to the program. After acceptance, transcripts of students with transfer credit are evaluated by the Admissions and Registrar’s Office in accordance with the Transcript Evaluation Process that begins with students completing the Transcript Evaluation Form   


    Tuition, fees, and refunds  

    A breakdown of student expenses for the program can be found here.  

    • The book bundle purchased the first semester will be used throughout the program. One other book will need to be purchased the fourth semester of the program.   
    • The cost for uniforms and patches is estimated.  
    • Travel to clinic sites is the responsibility of students in the program. This expense is not included in student costs but should be taken into consideration.  

    The Coastal Bend College Tuition and Mandatory Fee Refund Policy can be found beginning on page 29 of the Course Catalog & Student Handbook. 


    Please see the Coastal Bend College 2022-2023 Academic Calendar for important dates.

    Formal Student Complaint Process  

    Coastal Bend College encourages a formal complaint to be resolved in a respectful manner. Retaliation of any form for filing a formal complaint will not be tolerated. All students have the right to complete the formal complaint process, which should be followed in all situations where informal resolution is insufficient to address the issue(s).   

    An anonymous formal complaint is allowed, however, the College's ability to investigate and respond to a formal complaint can be hindered. Please complete the online formal complaint form entirely, providing as much detail as possible. All formal complaint submissions are confidential and shared only with those who need to know. 

    A formal complaint is a request for the resolution of a problem, conflict, concern, or issue that negatively impacts a student(s). A formal complaint must be filed using the CBC Formal Student Complaint Form.


    After a student has been accepted into the program, the following will be required:  

    1. Physical examination filled out by physician   

    2. Current immunization records including Hepatitis B vaccine, Tuberculin  skin test, and Covid-19 vaccine  

    3. Drug Screening and criminal background check  

    4. CPR Certification (CBC offers CPR certification)  

    5. Liability Insurance