• How to Apply

    Admission Requirement and Procedures 

    1. Students will be required to complete several admission procedures before registration. 
    2. Provide unofficial school transcripts, if course work is from another school than CBC. Official transcripts will be needed after acceptance. 
    3. No entrance examination is required for admission to the Radiology Program. However Coastal Bend College may require a placement test. 
    4. Application for admission to the Radiology Program  
    5. A cumulative GPA of 2.0 or greater on all college-level courses and be in good standing 
    6. Complete all remediation requirements. 
    7. Application deadline is April 30.  

    Additional Requirements
    Applicants must complete a Coastal Bend College application and meet minimum admission standards to the college; in addition, the Radiologic Technology Program has a separate application process. A point scoring system combining GPA, previous course work, grade scores, completed medical certifications and completed degrees will also be used in the student selection process. See the Acceptance Worksheet below for the point system. The twenty students (due to limited clinical slots) with the highest point total will be selected into the program. Students having been accepted into the program will be required to maintain a minimum grade of “75%” for all radiology courses. 

    Radiography courses are available in Beeville only. Contact the program for more details. 

    The profession of Radiologic Technology has Technical Standards which are related to the successful practice in the profession. Students should be aware that they must be able to meet these standards in order to successfully complete the program. Click here for the Technical Standards.

    After a student has been admitted into the Radiography Program, the following items will be required:
    1. Current immunization records including Hepatitis B vaccine and Tuberculin skin test
    2. CPR
    3. Physical examination
    4. Criminal Background Check
    5. Drug Screening Test
    6. Liability Insurance

    Process of Radiology Application
    Students can apply at any time. Application deadline is April 30 for the Fall class. A completed program application includes:
    •A completed application form. Get Program Application here.
    •Unofficial transcripts from all colleges.

    How is Acceptance Determined?
    Acceptance to the Radiography Program is based on a point system. The Acceptance Worksheet below is the tool used to determine the total points and acceptance ranking of an applicant. Students can check their point totals with that tool. The courses required for graduation have changed beginning with the class entering the program in Fall of 2014. See Degree Plan/Curriculum link on the left. BCIS1305, Business Computer Applications, is required for graduation. A student may either take BCIS1305 or pass the competency test offered by the college. Check with the program for further details.

    Click on the link to open the Acceptance Worksheet form.   Acceptance Worksheet - Student will need Acrobat Reader

    Students are responsible for checking that their files are complete. A current address and telephone number must always be on file.

    Class size is limited due to available clinical sites. All co-requisite and general education courses must be completed with a “C” or better