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  • The Office of Veterans Affairs   

    Located in the R.W. Dirks Student Services Building, Cougar Center 
    3800 Charco Road • Beeville, TX • 78102 


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    A veteran may be entitled to apply for a waiver of tuition by Coastal Bend College if he or she meets the following requirements:

    ▪ Was a resident of Texas at time of entry into active duty;

    ▪ Meets state requirements for being considered a resident of Texas at the time of enrollment in a public institution of higher education;     

    ▪ Served on active duty for at least 181 days, excluding basic training;

    ▪ Has no remaining entitlement under VA educational benefits.  A letter stating benefits have been exhausted must be acquired by contacting Muskogee, Oklahoma at 1-888-442-4551.

    ▪ Provide proof (DD214) of an honorable discharge, general discharge under honorable conditions or an honorable separation from service;

    ▪ Is not in default on a federal or state education loan;

    ▪ Has attempted fewer than 150 credit hours using Hazlewood since the fall of 1995.

    Eligible dependent children of a veteran parent who died as a result of illness/injury related to military service may qualify for Hazlewood benefits.

    Students eligible for Hazlewood will be waived from tuition (including some CE courses receiving state tax support) and the following partial fees:

    Covered: Not Covered
    out of district fee
    lab fee
    registration fee
    late fees
    student service fee
    general property deposit



    Hazlewood Checklist 

    Hazlewood Application 

    Hazlewood Application Continued Enrollment