Work Study/ Part-time Proctor Duties 


1.  First login when you start your shift.  Go online to:

      Enter the time that you will start your shift.

2.  Take any mail to the mailroom and pick up mail from the mailroom.

3.  Answer the phone and take detailed messages which include:  

Date:               Time:                    Name of person calling:                     What the call is in reference to:    
Return phone number:                   Any other information caller gives:            Then work study's initials

4.  Familiarize yourself with the procedures for making appointments for College Placement and Internet exams.
Also familiarize yourself with the Testing Best Practices site.   

5.  Sign Testing Department Security memo which states that you will keep testing information confidential and will not discuss what you see - such as scores - with anyone else.  

6.  Keep the V-123 testing lab & V-130 computer lab clean and organized.  Dust weekly - at the beginning and the end of each week - around all of the computers in this lab.  Move the computers/monitors/keyboards/mice and dust underneath.  Clean the mice.  Clean the monitors.  If a lot of students use this lab during the week - the lab may need to be cleaned more frequently.  Check the knobs on the lab chairs to make sure that the are not loose.  If they are loose, please tighten.  
Also keep the Front Desk area and stand clean and organized.  

7.  Check the following equipment at the beginning and end of your shift to see if it needs to be attended to:

 Testing department Copier -V-131 - Keep this filled with paper

V-131 Testing department printer - Keep this filled with paper.

The staplers on the Front desk and in the V-123/130 testing lab need to be kept filled.

Empty the pencil sharpeners in the V-123/130 testing lab and on the front desk.

8.  Assist with work that may be assigned by testing department.  Examples:  Help stuff envelopes, shred papers, file paperwork, and other projects.

9.  At the completion of your shift - you will go online and submit what you did for that day.  This will also keep a record of your time which will be verified before your timesheet will be signed.

You can also access the Testing Department Time Clock links by going to 
The quick link at the bottom of the page shows  Part-Time Personnel Site - then - Work Study Duties - you can click on Testing Department - Part-Time Personnel Time Clock.


So you can access the time clock area at any lab computer or in the V-130 office computers.  

Work study is a job.  You are expected to earn your money.  During your shift, you are expected to work - not visit with other students or staff, surf the net, play games, or do your homework. This can be a beneficial experience for you.  You will learn how to help in the office, proper phone etiquette, working with the public, and being a team player.  These are all skills that you can take with you in your future and apply to your career.

Please dress appropriately.  You will be a reflection of the college and we want to present the best image possible.  Dress needs to be neat and clean.  Do not wear flip-flops on the job.  These make noise which can be disturbing to those in the labs.  

Part-time Proctors:   In addition to the above, you will be responsible for proctoring exams and making sure that proper procedures are followed in the process.  You will be responsible for assisting with payment transactions in the Beeville Testing Department.
You will maintain reports and upload documentation to the Share Point Testing Department Group site.

If you can not work your shift, you are responsible for calling your supervisor and letting them know.  

Testing Department / Supervisor:  Roberta Kreis - 361-354-2244 
If you can not reach your supervisor - then call the following person to let them know that you won't be in:
 Sandie Mendez Hadid- Testing / Testing Specialist - 361-354-2334

Page created on 1/28/10
Page revised on 6/23/21