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    Q:  When will I use Math? 


    A:  A person uses math every day.  Sometimes they don't know they are really using math because it isn't always about the numbers involved, it's about the thinking skill that a person develops and sharpens from learning how math works.  Learning how math works teaches you how to problem-solve: first try to understand the problem or puzzle(read), then realize what pieces of the puzzle you have to work with and which pieces are missing(know what information is given and what needs to be found), think of how the pieces can be put together to help you find the missing ones(formulate a strategy), and then with your plan or strategy begin putting the pieces together to complete the puzzle as efficiently and quickly as possible(find the answer).  It can be from figuring out how much you have in your shopping cart, to staying within a budget to remodel your house, to quickly organizing in the last minute a group of employees that you manage in your department to help another department complete their phase of a company project before the deadline(don't forget, your department has to maintain a sufficient workforce to complete their project assignment on time too).  Math is used everyday, even when you don't think it is.  Here is a link to some career profiles that use math:   When will I use Math?.