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    Q:   Why should I study Math? 



    A:   Some people may feel that these are suffucient answers: to pass the next test, to get through this course, to get my degree, to balance my checkbook, to become an engineer or mathematician, to save lives, to make a difference,... There is really no one answer to this question, in fact, it might be that the answer to this question is a question itself.  It depends on you.  What do YOU need that requires that you study math?  What is your goal in life that has a connection to math and requires that you study math?  What best describes the type of career you would like: persuader?, organizer?, thinker?, helper?, creator?, doer?... The answers to these questions have some conncection to math because it is involved in our lives everywhere and understanding how it affects us will help you determine why you should study math.  Math is involved in many if not all jobs in the world in some form or fashion and to varying degrees.  Many people believe that math is really only needed if you are going to major in the fields of Mathematics, Science, Engineering, and Technology, but the statement "Mathematics is a universal language" is true and extends beyond these fields of study.  Mathematics plays a very important role in the decisions that are made in society by many different people all over the world in education, in research, in manufacturing, in business, in science, and even in government.   Here are some online examples of why people study math:  Why should I study Math?