• Submitting Your Bacterial Meningitis Record  

    Before You Begin:  

    Prior to submitting your bacterial meningitis record to Coastal Bend college, you will need to have submitted an admissions application for enrollment to CBC. To verify that your application has been received, please contact the Office of Admissions, or a Counselor/Advisor, located in Student Services. If you have not begun the application process, please visit www.applytexas.org to get started. 

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  • Step 1: Retrieve your CBC ID number (different from your social security #) 

    Log into Campus Connect to view your student ID

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    Step 2: Submit your Meningitis Vaccination Record with ID number to: 


    •     Tammy Flores  (Admin Asst. to Administrative & Student Services).
          3800 Charco Road
          Beeville, TX 78102
          Phone: (361) 354-2266
          Fax: (361) 354-2747


    NEED MORE HELP? Contact:



    1.866.891.2981 Ext. 3034 


    1.866.722.2981 Ext. 2266


    1.866.262.1615 Ext. 4074 


    1.866.361.4222 Ext. 1203