BCIS 1305 Competency Exam Information  

    We are remotely proctoring the BCIS 1305 test out to our CBC students.   If you have access to the internet, a desktop or laptop computer that has a web camera with a microphone, then you should be able to test from the safety of your home after you install Microsoft Teams - the video conferencing application that CBC uses to remotely test our students.  Link to install Microsoft Teams on your computer https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-teams/download-app#desktopAppDownloadregion
    Make sure to download to desktop - not mobile.  

    (Tablets, surfaces, pads, and phones are not compatible for remote testing)

    You will pay the Beeville Testing Department - 361-354-2334 - the $25.00 test out fee.  [Payments accepted by phone  - Mondays - Thursdays - until 4 p.m. ]
     Then you will e-mail cbcproctor@coastalbend.edu a copy of your receipt with the Receipt#.  

    Please read the   CBC Remote Proctoring Tester Information Page 

    No credit by examination is applicable until successfully completing 15 semester credit hours at CBC with a "C" or better.
    (See page 28 of the 
    2022-2023 Catalog and Student Handbook)    


    If you are interested in testing out of the BCIS 1305 course, you will  need to complete the following steps:

    (1)  E-mail your petition form to the Site Director/Assistant Dean/ Dean /or Advisor  and have her/him sign your BCIS 1305 Test Out Competency Petition Form .  
    Two (2) signatures are needed from CBC administrators. 
    First you'll enter your information at the top of the form and sign your name.  Then you will e-mail that form to the first CBC person that you'll have to sign the form.  Then when you get the signed form back, you'll e-mail it to the next CBC person - so that you have two signatures from CBC administrators.  
    Once you have the required 2 signatures and you've filled out and signed the top of the form - e-mail it to cbcproctor@coastalbend.edu .  

    (2)  Call the Beeville Testing Department 361-354-2334 (Mondays - Thursdays until 4 p.m. payments are accepted)  and pay the $25.00 Course Challenge Fee and get your receipt.  
    [December 13, 2023 no later than 4 p.m. is the last day to make exam payments before the Christmas Break.  We will resume processing payments on January 4, 2024 after the Christmas Break.]   

    Purchase the SAM 2016 Instant Access code and start your practice training sessions to refresh yourself over MOS 2016.  There is a lot of material available for you to review before you test.

    (3) Go online to purchase your access code:  ISBN# 


    For Fall 2023 use the following site to purchase your access code  

     Click on the Digital Platform - for $26.00.  


     The Institution Key # is T2030335.  You will need this code to create your account.  Then you will use the access code that you purchased before your account is created.

     Guide to create your SAM 2016 Challenge Account.  
     Important - if you already have a SAM/Cengage account, be sure to create a NEW account when you purchase the SAM 2016 Challenge Access Code for the BCIS 1305 Test Out exam.  Do not use the same account you may have had for a course.  

    On 8/27/19 and 6/16/20 Competency Practice Exams were created.  There are 100 questions on each practice exam which will help prospective examinees be aware of SAM 2016 Challenge ways of answering questions.  

    If you have problems creating your account - make sure that the access code that you enter is correct and you enter one character at a time.  It's a good idea to copy the access code that you have from the e-mail and then paste it into a Word document - so that you can change the font type.  A lot of times what you think is a 1 is actually an "l" or an I - capitalized.  This makes it easier to read.  


    We strongly suggest that you take the MOS 2016 Competency Practice Exams 1 & 2 and receive a 90 or better and if possible go through Study Center area in the upper right side of the screen.  This will be very beneficial to you.  You can also go to youtube.com and look for Microsoft Office 2016 tutorials in Access/ Excel/ Power Point/ and Word - which can be beneficial. 

    If you are not able to access the "MOS 2016 Competency Practice Exam"  please call CBC Testing Coordinator - Roberta Kreis - at (361) 354-2244.

     (4)  Use our on-line scheduling site - click here to make your appointment. 

    Select the Alice, Kingsville, Pleasanton, or Beeville site.  Note, for remotely proctored exams - you can have a proctor at any of the sites administer the exam on Wednesdays.  It doesn't have to be a specific location.  

    Here's the Fall 2023 Exam Schedule for each site     


    Please read the   CBC Remote Proctoring Tester Information Page  

    Go ahead and make sure that your computer meets the system requirements and that you've installed the Microsoft Teams app to your computer before you make your appointment in CBC’s Time Tap Scheduler.

    There is also a 
    CBC Remote Proctoring Acknowledgement Form that must be submitted before an exam may be proctored.

    You will need to have a government issued Photo ID to show on the day of the appointment. 

    (5)  The exam covers:  Basic Computer Skills / Word / Excel/ PowerPoint/ and Access.  The student needs to earn a score of 70 or better to pass the BCIS 1305 Competency Exam.  There are 100 questions for the exam.  The exam is not timed and can take from forty-five (45) minutes up to two (2) hours to complete – based upon the individual.   

    The exam is interactive – Example:  A question may ask the student to change the font size, color, etc…  The student will then have to actually go through the motions of making the change requested.  There are not multiple-choice answers, for the Microsoft programs. The Basic Computer Concepts will have mix and match boxes (Example:  Select one box on the left, then click the box that describes, or has components of the other, on the right). When the boxes have been selected a line will connect the answers. There are 5-6 pairs on these questions.     

    (6) After the exam, the student will be given a copy of their score report.  The goal is to earn a score of 70 or higher, 

    The Testing Center will make a copy of the receipt(s), signed Petition Form, and score report for the testing files and will e-mail this information to the Registrar's office. 

    (7) The student will then request for the Testing Department to send their receipt(s), signed Test Out Subject Competency Petition Form, and score report to the Registrar’s Office - located on the Beeville Site and ask for the BCIS 1305 course to be entered onto their CBC academic transcript.  

    he student may call the Beeville Business Office or Alice, Kingsville, and Pleasanton Cougar Center and pay the course fee ($180) for BCIS 1305 so that the course can be transcribed onto the CBC transcript - they will need to e-mail the receipt back to the Testing Office.  If the student plans to graduate with an Associates of Arts or Science - then they will need BCIS 1305 to be transcribed onto their transcript - so they must pay the $180.00.

    Or if they took the exam for Computer Competency to be transcribed onto their CBC transcript - they will not need to pay any additional fee. 
    Per Admissions Office: 
    Examples of Allied Health Programs that only require BCIS Test Out and do not need to pay the additional $180.00 are: 
    LVN to RN Bridge
    Traditional RN
    Radiologic Technology
    Dental Hygiene 


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