• Behavioral Intervention 




    The CBC BIT consists of:

      1) BIT Chair and Student Affairs Administrator: Lupe Ganceres, Dean of Student Services
      2) Mental Health Consultant: Jodie Elder, LPC, LMFT
      3) Law Enforcement: Kevin Behr, CBC Chair of Protective Services
    Additional CBC Personnel will be added to the BIT if warranted for person referred, such as Work Supervisor, Athletic Director, Student Life and Housing Coordinator, Departmental Faculty, and Disability Services Counselors.
    The BIT meets regularly to discuss new referrals and current cases.  

    Frame revised 2/19/15

  • Function 

    1) Receive referrals regarding students/employees exhibiting disruptive or distressed behavior 

    2) Gather information from multiple sources about the student/employee 

    3) Evaluate the need for support and/or intervention services 

    4) Provide recommendations for support and/or intervention services 

    5) Implement interventions as needed, which can range from tutoring and mentoring services to behavioral contracts, mandated psychological assessment, interim suspension, and academic expulsion/termination of employment. 

    6) Periodically monitor students/employees referred to BIT to ensure improvements sustained