• Business Administration

  • The Associate of Arts Field of Study: Business Administration degree program is a two-year course of study that covers the core materials needed to complete the first two years of a Texas four-year college or university’s Bachelors of Arts (BA) degree program with an emphasis in Business Administration. The AA-BA program is designed to parallel the student’s choice in a bachelors program at a specific Texas four-year college or university. Upon successfully completing the program at Coastal Bend College, the credits students earn can be then transferred as an Associate of Arts Field of Study: Business Administration credential upon graduation to the Texas four-year college or university that the student identified.

    The AA-BA degree at Coastal Bend College is a comprehensive educational stackable program consisting of a minimum of 60 credit hours. The AA-BA degree is based on a four semester rotation of courses consisting of 15 credit hours per semester. Each student’s time to completion may vary based on the student’s placement test scores, the courses needed for transfer, and required prerequisites. Students will have to consider additional time to complete Placement Test Score driven additional courses and prerequisites because they are not allocated for in the degree plan and rotation of courses.