• Welcome to CDL Training 

    The CDL Class A course will be 2 weeks online followed by 4 weeks driving. The tuition is $4,000.   

    The CDL Class B course will be 2 weeks online followed by 2 weeks driving. The tuition is $1,500. 

    CDL Application 

    The CDL course is currently accepting applications.
    CDL Class A 
    Pleasanton: Instruction, 6/23/24-7/3/24
    Pleasanton: Driving, 7/8/24-8/1/24
    CDL Class B 
    Beeville: Instruction, 9/16/24-9/27/24
    Beeville: Driving, 9/30/24-10/11/24
    Pleasanton: Instruction, 9/30/24-10/11/24
    Pleasanton: Driving, 10/14/24-10/25/24
    Kingsville: Instruction, 10/14/24-10/25/24
    Kingsville: Driving, 10/28/24-11/8/24
    Alice: Instruction, 10/28/24-11/8/24
    Alice: Driving, 11/11/24-11/22/24

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at (361) 354-2306 or via email at ce@coastalbend.edu