• Coastal Bend College Coaching Staff

     Paul Cantrell CBC Athletic Director

     Paul Cantrell 

    Athletic Director
    Head Volleyball Coach

        Email: pcantrell@coastalbend.edu

    Phone: 361-354-2721 


     Vinnie Garza CBC Sports Information Specialist 
     Vicente Garza 
     Sports Information Specialist  
    Phone: 361-354-2749 

    Cougar Head 
    Katryna Rincon
    Administrative Assistant to Dean of Student Services
    Phone: 361-354-2300
     Macy Olness CBC Assistant Volleyball Coach  Macy Olness   
     Assistant Volleyball Coach    
    Email: molness@coastalbend.edu
    Phone 361-354-2721
     Nathan Purswell CBC Head Women's Basketball Coach 

    Nathan Purswell 

    Head Women's Basketball Coach  

    Email: npurswell@coastalbend.edu 

     Cougar Head


    Assistant Women's Basketball Coach 

     Phone 361-354-2344 


     Stephen Machorro Interim Head Softball Coach 

    Stephen Machorro 

    Interim Head Softball Coach 
    Phone 361-354-2750 

    Cougar Head 
    Assistant Softball Coach  
    Phone 361-354-2750
     Cougar Head

        Roland Salazar  

    Assistant Softball Coach  
    Email: rsalazar1@coastalbend.edu
    Phone 361-354-2750
      Coach Robinson  

    Carliss Robinson 

    Head Basketball Coach  
    Phone 361-354-2350
    Cougar Head  Dantonio "DJ" Evans 
    Assistant Men's Basketball Coach  
    Email: devans@coastalbend.edu
    Phone 361-354-2350
     Brian Bauerle CBC Head Baseball Coach 

    Brian Bauerle  

    Head Baseball Coach
    Phone: 361-354-2352 


     Oscar Resendez CBC Assistant Baseball Coach 

    Oscar Resendez   

    Assistant Baseball Coach  


    Phone:  361-354-2352 

     Greg Chili Barbaro CBC Assistant Baseball Coach 

    Greg Barbaro    

    Assistant Baseball Coach   


    Phone:  361-354-2352 

     Brian Byrd CBC Head Men's Soccer Coach 


    Brian Byrd      

    Head Soccer Coach  

    Phone: 361-354-2744  

     Robert Bobby Njoroge CBC Assistant Men's Soccer Coach 
    Robert "Bobby" Njoroge    

    Assistant Soccer Coach   

    Email: rnjoroge@coastalbend.edu   

    Phone:  361-354-2744