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    TSIA is the college placement exam that the state of Texas uses. The TSIA covers Writing, Reading, and Mathematics.  The scores reflect whether a person is ready for college-level courses or if they need some preparation classes to get them ready for college-level courses.    

    4/14/20 - Due to COVID-19 our testing centers are closed.  But our staff is working remotely.   We will post and let you know when we re-open.   We appreciate your understanding and patience during this time.  

    Posted - 5/15/20 -   Examity Live Proctoring Service has resumed.   There will be a reduced fee of $20.00 that you'll pay Examity (an outside secure proctor service) to proctor your exam through June 15, 2020.     Make sure that you've practiced for your TSI exam by going to  www.coastalbend.edu/tsiresource/ to study.  Click on the TSI Virtual Remote Voucher Information / site for more details.


    Steps to request a TSI Virtual Remote Voucher
    CBC Students may schedule to take their TSI with Examity at this point in time.  That means that they will need to pay a $20.00 (until June 15, 2020 - when fee is $25.00)  fee directly to the outside company - Examity - to test from home via the steps below: 



      First pay through the Beeville Testing Center - 361-354-2244 [Mondays - Wednesdays - before 4 p.m. ]the TSI Fee of $10.00 per section and e-mail testing@coastalbend.edu a copy of the receipt.    




    Please go to the following site http://www.coastalbend.edu/vrvi/ and then fill out and submit the following:  


    TSI Contract - www.coastalbend.edu/tsicontract/   



    And the TSI Virtual Remote Voucher Request Form    


    Once those two forms have been done and the receipt e-mailed to:  testing@coastalbend.edu the Testing Department can process your request for a Voucher for Examity.  



    It is recommended that you do one session at a time - since you are not allowed to leave the room when testing with Examity.  


    Please make sure that you've read the following:

    Go to the Examity Student site – to make sure that your laptop computer meets the system requirements before you make your reservation.    Also review the student video from Examity (a secure online proctoring service) – so that you will understand what is required to have your exam monitored and proctored using the Examity site.     There is a $20.00 fee that you pay Examity.   



    Update:  (October 2019) In August 2020 -(April 2020) the new tentative launch date of September 28, 2020 - there will be an updated TSIA2 exam which will take the place of the current TSIA exam.  If you meet the college readiness benchmarks with the TSIA exam - the scores will be valid for 5 years from the date that you took the exam.  The same will be the case for the TSIA2 exam.  The TSIA2 will differ from the TSIA by having the Reading and Writing combined into one section which will be called the English Language Arts Reading section.  There will still be a Mathematics section for the exam.  There will also only be one (1) diagnostic level per section in the TSIA2.

    Information from THECB - Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Concerning TSI Scores  

    Students should not be directed to retest if they have met the current college readiness benchmarks since TSIA results are valid five (5) years from date of testing. Please ensure all TSI testing personnel, counselors, advisors, and other applicable support staff are immediately informed of this policy.  

    Steps for making an appointment for TSIA

    If you need assistance with the TSI Contract - please contact the Beeville Testing Department - (361) 354-2334 and we will be happy to assist.
    An appointment may be made after the Testing Department has proof of payment & a signed TSI contract (electronic or hard-copy) from the examinee. 

    If you walk-in and do not have an appointment - be aware that you will need to arrive at least 15 minutes before the exam session begins so that we can collect payment and have you fill out and sign the mandatory TSI contract.  You must have Photo ID and know either you CBC ID# or SSN.  We will seat you as long as there are available seats. 

    To guarantee a date and time for testing - please go through the steps for making an appointment.

    The exam is not timed.  It's a computer adaptive exam.  For each section, it may take an individual anywhere from one (1) hour to three (3) hours to complete a section.  So if you need to take the complete exam, you may take anywhere from three (3) hours to nine (9) hours to complete your exam.  You will want to complete the exam within the week that you start the exam so that your exam information isn't lost over the weekend when the system is updated..   

      It is mandatory for all first-time examinees to complete a “Pre-Assessment Activity which consists of the following: 

    (1) the importance of this assessment, [Based upon your scores on the TSIA – this will decide whether you are eligible for a college level course or if you will need to take a developmental or preparation course – which will not give you college credit.  A developmental course will help you build your skills so that you will eventually be able to take a college level course.  These courses give you a foundation in the subject area that you need preparation in.  The TSIA exam is very important and we want you to do as well as you possibly can.]
    sample questions, [go to:  http://www.coastalbend.edu/tsiresource/ for sample questions and other resources to help you prepare for the TSIA] 
    If you are a current CBC student - you may login to your Blackboard account and click on the TutorMe link - for free tutoring to Test Preparation.   

    (3) course options, and [Coastal Bend College offers various course options:   NCBO - Non-Course Based course - which is a non-semester length course delivered in an intense workshop setting,  Integrated Course - which is a course that integrates two areas - such as Reading and Writing together so that a student gets two courses for the time and price of one course,  Lecture courses (class-room style course with instructor – face-to-face); Distance Learning courses (class-room setting, but video cameras and microphones link you to other sites with other students.  The instructor may move around from site-to-site to have face time with each area); Internet courses (do your course work from home, but some courses may have you take a proctored exam at a CBC site);  Accelerated Learning Academy courses (go to: http://www.coastalbend.edu/ala/)]  

    (4) resources for students.    

    Services available for students at CBC   


    Go to:  http://www.coastalbend.edu/tutoring/   

    Financial Aid   

    Go to: http://www.coastalbend.edu/FinAid/   

    Title V – Laptop Computer/Calculator Loan program    

    Go to:  http://www.coastalbend.edu/tech_request/   


    Go to:  http://lrc.coastalbend.edu/about    

    Student Development Advisors    

    Go to:  http://www.coastalbend.edu/Counseling/   


    Go to:  http://www.coastalbend.edu/testing/    

    Disability Services           Go to:  http://www.coastalbend.edu/specialneeds 

    Housing/Student Activities   

    Go to:  http://www.coastalbend.edu/StudentLife/   

     Continuing Education will be providing TSI Prep Courses soon.

    Click on the site below to see the testing schedules for that site.

    Alice Testing Schedule
    Beeville Testing Schedule
    Kingsville Testing Schedule
    Pleasanton Testing Schedule


    [Be aware that on the day that you go to take your exam, you must have Photo ID and CBC ID number with you to be able to test.  To get a CBC ID  prospective CBC students must fill out and submit the Apply Texas Application which may take five (5) business days for CBC to receive so that a CBC ID# can be created.
    Before being allowed to test, all personal items must be left in a designated area away from the seating area in the testing room. No cell phones, smart watches, electronics, books, notes, purses, bags, etc... are allowed on the examinee while testing.  No weapons are allowed in the testing center.]

     College Placement Testing Contract    
    (Original for CBC file / copy for examinee's record)

    You'll fill out the testing contract when you give your receipt to the testing center so that a reservation can be made for testing.  This must be done in advance.  First-come, first-serve, paid reservation basis only.

    College Placement Chart   

    (Coastal Bend College does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, gender, age, or disability.) 
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