2011 Investment Disclosure Statements 


  • Does the institution employ outside investment advisors or managers and, if so, who are they.  YES. 


James Eller, Financial Advisor 

Wachovia Securities, LLC 

8010 IH-10 West 

San Antonio, TX  78230 

Ph:  210-340-5121 

Fax:  800-531-5517 



  • Does the institution use soft dollar arrangements (a means of paying for services through brokerage commission revenue, rather than through direct payments)?  NO. 


  • Is the institution associated with an independent endowment or Foundation?  YES. 


 Net Assets as of August 31, 2011:  $905,498 

Market Value of Investments:  $812,661 


 Ruth L Cude, Dean of Administrative Services 

3800 Charco Rd 

Beeville, TX  78102 

 Ph:  361-354-2767 

Fax:  361-354-2227 





Coastal Bend College Investment Officers 



 Thomas Baynum,                                                              Ruth Cude,
President                                                                      Dean of Administrative Services

Coastal Bend College                                                Coastal Bend College 

3800 Charco Rd.                                                                 3800 Charco Rd. 

Beeville, TX  78102                                                  Beeville, TX  78102 

Ph:  361-354-2200                                                     Ph:  361-354-2767 

Fax:  361-354-2333                                                   Fax:  361-354-2227 

baynum@coastalbend.edu                                        rcude@coastalbend.edu 


Coastal Bend College Investment Policy 


The Coastal Bend College Board of Trustees reaffirmed the College’s Investment Policy at its Regular Scheduled Meeting on September 15, 2011. 


  Investment Policy