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    What is Dual Enrollment? 

    Dual Enrollment is an opportunity that allows qualified high school students to enroll at Coastal Bend College and earn college credit and possibly receive high school credit simultaneously. Dual Enrollment courses are offered on the CBC campus (including all sites in Alice, Kingsville and Pleasanton), your high school campus and through Distance Learning Technology. Always speak with your high school counselor before moving forward with dual enrollment options.

    Is Dual Enrollment right for you?

    It is an opportunity to take challenging courses to begin a college education. Dual enrollment courses become part of your permanent college transcript, so its important that you commit the extra time and effort that a college course requires. Do you accept the challenge?

    Benefits of taking Dual Enrollment courses:

    DE classes allow students to earn college credits while earning high school credit at the same time.

    DE classes are accessible to a variety of students. We have many workforce pathways as well as the core academic curriculum courses available.

    A recent U.S. News article discussed "taking dual [enrollment] courses on a college campus can give a high school student the confidence that he or she can succeed in college."

    Shortens the time to attain a college degree.

    Provides student with college credit that is transferable to a college or university.

    Saves students and their parents money! $33/per credit hour for out-of-district dual enrollment students is a deal!


    For more information contact the Dual Enrollment Team at ode@coastalbend.edu.