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    Dual Enrollment is defined as a student receiving high school credit toward a high school diploma and college credit toward an Associate Degree or a Workforce certificate. 

    Students have the option on working towards an Associate degree (academic) or Associate of Applied Science degree and/or certificates (technical). 

    Technical Program Option: Dual Enrollment students may earn elective high school credit toward their high school diploma and college credit towards their chosen pathway. CBC has created twenty various career pathways you can pursue. They all begin with a Marketable Achievement Awards which typically consists of four college courses. All the courses are "stackable" which means they transfer straight into our Level I, Level II and AAS degree. 

    Below is a list of career pathways that are available for YOU!

    Accounting    Computer Information Tech.   Drafting and Design   Oil & Gas Technology 
    Automotive Technology   CIT: Network Specialization   Early Dev. & Education   Welding (Shielded Metal Arc)
    Building Trades   CIT: Web/Game Design   Forensic Science   Welding (Gas Metal Arc)
    Business Tech.: Admin. Asst.   Cosmetology   Law Enforcement   Welding (Flux Core Arc)
    Certified Nursing Assistant   Culinary Arts   Medical Records Coding   Welding (Gas Tungsten Arc)


    Academic Program Option: Dual Enrollment students may earn high school credit toward their high school diploma and college credit toward an Associate degree. Liberal Arts and Science degrees at CBC are designed to transfer to a Texas four-year university of student's choice. We always encourage students to meet with their high school counselor and Dual Enrollment Specialist on a regular basis to make sure you are taking the appropriate courses for "dual credit". 

    Benefits of taking Dual Enrollment courses:

    DE classes allow students to earn college credits while earning high school credit at the same time.

    DE classes are accessible to a variety of students. We have many workforce pathways as well as the core academic curriculum courses available.

    A recent U.S. News article discussed "taking dual [enrollment] courses on a college campus can give a high school student the confidence that he or she can succeed in college."

    Shortens the time to attain a college degree.

    Provides student with college credit that is transferable to a college or university.

    Saves students and their parents money! $33/per credit hour for out-of-district dual enrollment students is a deal!

    The out-of-district fee ($33) may be waived for you... speak with your counselor for more information. 

    TSI Assessment is only $15 for dual enrollment students and only $5 to retest. 

    For more information regarding the CBC Dual Enrollment program, contact us TODAY!  

    Coastal Bend College
    Office of Dual Enrollment 
    R.W. Dirks Student Services Bldg., V-126
    Phone: (361) 354-2723

    Dual Enrollment Team

    Kayla D. Jones, Dual Enrollment Director 
    Office: (361) 354-2714
    Email: kdjones@coastalbend.edu 

    Mariah Sauceda, Dual Enrollment Coordinator 
    Office: (361) 354-2720
    Email: msauceda@coastalbend.edu 

    Daniel Rea, Dual Enrollment Specialist 
    Office: (361) 354-2272
    Email: drea@coastalbend.edu 

    Kyrie Licon, Dual Enrollment Specialist 
    Office: (361) 354-2426
    Email: klicon@coastalbend.edu 

    Elizabeth Cuyler, Dual Enrollment Administrative Assistant 
    Main Line: (361) 354-2723
    Email: ecuyler@coastalbend.edu