• Bio

    Tomora Gambrell has been in the cosmetology industry for over 20 years. She has been an educator for over 14 years and has taught in the private sector and on the college level.

    Tomora attributes her expertise in the field of cosmetology to the different levels of positions she’s held over the course of her career. She has been a stylist, platform artist, continuing  education provider, salon owner, PSI proctor/examiner, salon manager, and curriculum writer for barber and esthetics schools. She has explored numerous aspects of hair, skin, and nails  providing her with the skills to relay to her fellow students. Tomora has donated her time and skills to women and men shelters, as well as local church organizations, in order for individuals to interview and gain employment and through this her students have been in encouraged to follow her lead.   
    Tomora had the desire to gain as much experience and knowledge for the cosmetology industry so that she could be an effective educator and role model for her students. She feels  that teaching, for her, is a way to give back and pay it forward to individuals that are inspired about learning and applying their knowledge to everyday life skills and trade. Tomora is an  instructor that has provided a learning environment filled with her expertise and passion for cosmetology. If the students are excited about learning and receiving a quality education then her goal is to keep the student motivated and engaged at all times. Tomora continues to practice along-side teaching in order for her to be more relatable to her students and aid in a  more effective delivery. She is an instructor that lectures and demonstrates simultaneously and this keeps the student interested in learning the subject.  
    Tomora’s short term goals are to access her students’ work and provide assistance as needed to prepare them for a successful transition from a student to a licensed operator. Her  long-term goals are to continue teaching, mentoring and providing any current and alumni students long after her retirement. She would like to know that she had a positive role in helping licensed operators become great stewards in a career that is so dear to her heart.