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    GED/High School Equivalency Testing Information

    Testing Department Homepage   

    Due to technical difficulties Coastal Bend College will not be a test center for GED or CDA  testing until further notice.

    Go to www.ged.com to create your account. 
    Then login, study, pay, and schedule your appointment to test.
    Be aware that you can test in-person at a qualified Test Center or you can test remotely from home.  When you review the schedule site through www.ged.com if will give you more details.
    The exam is computer-based.

    How many modules are there for the GED/High School Equivalency exam?  

     There are four (4) modules: 

    Reasoning through Language Arts – 155 mins.
    Mathematical Reasoning – 120 mins. 
    Science – 95 mins. 

    Social Studies – 75 mins.  

    Total of 445 minutes  

    What is the fee to test?   

    The fee is $36.25 per module– total for all four modules = $145.00  

    What is the passing score?    

    145 is the passing standard on each module   

    Ways to prepare for the HSE/GED exam:   

    1) HSE/GED Preparation classes through Crossroads       

    (2) Contact the Adult Literacy Council –
                    (361) 354-2735  

    (3) Go to www.ged.com and study

    Quick Links for High School Equivalency / GED

    Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency Exam    

    High School Equivalency Testing Frequently Asked Questions   

    Contact your jurisdiction's GED testing administrator   

    Protect yourself from GED Fraud  

    Request Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency Scores  


    Revised on 9/272023 

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