Curriculum Vitae

    Kelly B. Craft RDH, MEd

                 Current Position  

                 Director of Dental Hygiene – Full-time Appointment             


                  Educational Background 


                  Texas Tech University

                   Lubbock, Texas

                   Master of Education, Educational Instructional Technology

                   August, 2007       

                  Texas A & M University – Corpus Christi

                  Corpus Christi, Texas

                  Bachelor of Science, Occupational Training and Development

                  May, 1998 

                  Coastal Bend College (formerly Bee County College)

                  Beeville, Texas

                  Associate in Applied Science in Dental Hygiene

                  May, 1996             

                  Del Mar College

                  Corpus Christi, Texas

                  General Studies, 1986, 1990 – 1993


                  Areas of Special Competence:    

        Continuing Education:


    •         Tobacco cessation
    •         Nutrition
    •         Infectious Diseases and Infection Control
    •         Ultrasonics and Air Polishing
    •         Current Best Practices in Antiseptic Rinse Use
    •         Improving Oral Health
    •         Woman’s Wellness 
    •         Pediatric Oral Pathology and Trauma
    •         Monitoring and Management of Sedated Pediatric Patient
    •         Emerging/Reemerging Diseases and Bioterrorism
    •         Western Regional Exam Board Educators Forum
    •         Western Regional Exam Board Faculty Observation
    •         Weight loss:  What Works – What Doesn’t
    •         San Antonio Institute for Dental Radiology Educators
    •         Mucogingival Surgery, Implant Maintenance, and Oral Pathology
    •         Practical Panoramic Radiography           
    •         Dental Jurisprudence
    •         Woman's Oral Health:  Sunrise to Sunset
    •         Dental Hygiene Seminars - National Board Review
    •         Densply Professional - A Practical Guide for Teaching Ultrasonic Instrumentation
    •         Proctor and Gamble - Current Concepts in Preventive Dentistry
    •         Proctor and Gamble - Diseases of the Teeth and Jaws
    •         Title V Distance Learning Academy Graduate
    •         "The Stress Mess:  The Impact of Stress on Oral and Systemic Health"
    •         "Points on Piercing:  Oral Health & Home Care Considerations"
    •         Schick CDR Sensor Placement
    •         "Assessment to Integration:  Where is CAMBRA in Your Allied Dental Program Curricula?"
    •         12th Annual Dental Hygiene Clinical Teaching Workshop - UTHSCSA
    •         Educational Theory and Strategies for Dental Radiology Educators - The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    •         Motivational Interviewing:  A Patient-Centered Approach to Elicit Positive Behavior Change


    Formal Education


    •         Racial and Ethnic Relations
    •         Sociology
    •         Small Group Dynamics
    •         Foundations of Instructional Technology
    •         Foundations of Distance Education
    •         Computers- Content Areas
    •         Curriculum Applications of the Internet
    •         Substance Abuse in Health
    •         Exercise and Health
    •         Human Relations for Vocational Teachers
    •         History of Vocational Training
    •         Career and Vocational Education for Exceptional Children
    •         Intercultural communication
    •         Methods of Teaching Vocational Subjects
    •         Development Organization and Use of Instructional Materials
    •         Directed Individual Study:  Problems in Cooperative Training
    •         Occupational Training & Development Practicum
    •         Administration of Educational Technology Programs
    •         Educational Psychology
    •         Instructional Design Foundations
    •         Video Based Distance Learning
    •         Instruction Technology Foundations
    •         Planning and Producing Instructional Materials 
    •         Computer, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
    •         Curriculum Applications of the Internet
    •         Foundations of Distance Education
    •         Video Based Distance Education
    •         Designing Online Instruction
    •         Introduction to Educational Research
    •         Administration of the Instructional Technology Program
    •         Authoring for the Internet