• The gentleman who did the three and one half hour class was Mack Minor from Weatherford International from their Houston office in Houston, Texas. He not only did a class for me, but he is the person who repaired our gas lift simulator that was destroyed by a horse in the horse barn on college property by the Basic Yard north of the college. That simulator cost the college about $46,000.00 in 1982. When I came back to teach the program in 2007 that is the condition I found the simulator. I got Mr. Minor to come down and look at it to see if it could be fixed back in working order and he said he could repair it for me at no cost to the college. He repaired it to new condition for free and told me that this simulator if bought today would cost around $100,000.00. So you can see I saved the college around $54,000.00 in repair cost. Mr. Minor and I have a good oilfield relationship and is always helpful if I need him. If you need anymore information from me just let me know. 

    Roy Coley
    Oil & Gas Technology

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