• Welcome to the Nursing Education Department

    • Begin your Admission Process with TEAS Exam (October 1, 2013 - March 21, 2014) 
    • You are allowed 3 attempts to take the TEAS Exam (check campus test dates) 
    • Application will be granted after successful completion of TEAS Exam 
    • Application Deadline April 18, 2014  
    • Next Class for the Vocational Nursing Program August 2014, at each campus based on space availability
    • Next Class for the LVN to RN Bridge Program August 2014, Beeville and Alice campuses based on space availability
    • Next Class for the Associate Degree Nursing Program (RN) August 2014, Kingsville campus, based on space availability 




    With the start of an already bustling nursing department and the beginnings of yet another wonderful year, planning has begun for 2014. Eight years after its inception as a community college in 1970, Coastal Bend College continues to provide excellence in nursing education and support to the community.The nursing faculty remain diligent to the art and science of caring. The mission and philosophy of the nursing department is congruent with the message of the college. “Nursing is a unique calling and a dynamic profession that incorporates the concepts of caring, thinking, lifelong learning and professionalism in practice”. These concepts are rooted deeply in the teaching methodologies used by the nursing faculty. 

    The department of nursing at Coastal Bend College is devoted to the health care needs of the community. Together with the community and the collaborating health agencies, the nursing students will be able to take theory into practice and provide holistic care for clients and families in a variety of health care settings. I am committed to Coastal Bend College Nursing Program. And although the program has been through much change, the principle remains; to maintain the intactness and integrity of the program, to continue the growth of the program and to make the nursing program a gem of the community.

  • Idotha Battle Battle-Ward, Idotha Y., BSN, RN
    Schedule | Vitae
    Nursing Instructor, Kingsville   (361)592-1615 x 4027  
    Loana Benedit (small) Benedit, Loana, RN
    Nursing Instructor, Alice (361)664-2981 x 3037
    Blanche deLeon (small) DeLeon, Blanche, MSN RN
    Schedule | Vitae
    Nursing Instructor, Beeville   (361)354-2546 
    Sheryl Denkeler Photo Denkler, Sheryl, LVN
    Schedule | Vitae
    Nursing Instructor, Kingsville (361)592-1615 x 4073
    Garcia, Marisol, LVN   Lab Instructor - Professional Tutor, Beeville  (361)354-2500 
        Green, Floyd, MSN, ED, RN
    Schedule | Vitae
     Nursing Instructor, Kingsville (361)592-1615 x 4039 
      Sylvia Jupe (small)  Jupe, Sylvia, LVN
    Schedule | Vitae
    Nursing Instructor, Pleasanton (830)569-4222 x 1218
     Audrey Lorberau (small)  Lorberau, Audrey, BSN, RN
    Schedule | Vitae
    Nursing Instructor, Alice (361)664-2981 x 3054 
     Karyn Mills  Mills, Karyn, RN
    Schedule | Vitae
    Nursing Instructor, Alice (361)664-2981 x 3022 
     D. Norment (small)  Norment, Deborah, LVN
     | Vitae
     Lab Instructor - Professional Tutor, Pleasanton   (830)569-4222 x 1227
     Melanie Reeves Reeves, Melanie, LVN
     Lab Instructor - Professional Tutor, Alice  (361)664 2981 x 3044
     Irma Trevino (small)  Trevino, Irma, RN 
    Nursing Instructor, Pleasanton (361) 354-2524