• Welcome to the Nursing Education Department

    • Begin your Admission Process with TEAS Exam (October -March) 
    • You are allowed 3 attempts to take the TEAS Exam (check campus test dates) 
    • Application will be granted after successful completion of TEAS Exam 
    • Application Deadline April 
    • Next Class for the Vocational Nursing Program August 2015, at each campus based on space availability
    • Next Class for the LVN to RN Bridge Program August 2015, based on space availability

  • Idotha Battle Battle-Ward, Idotha Y., BSN, RN
    Schedule | Vitae
    Nursing Instructor, Kingsville   (361)592-1615 x 4027  
    Loana Benedit (small) Benedit, Loana, RN
    Nursing Instructor, Alice (361)664-2981 x 3037
    Blanche deLeon (small) DeLeon, Blanche, MSN RN
    Schedule | Vitae
    Nursing Instructor, Beeville   (361)354-2546 
    Sheryl Denkeler Photo Denkler, Sheryl, LVN
    Schedule | Vitae
    Nursing Instructor, Kingsville (361)592-1615 x 4073
    Garcia, Marisol, LVN   Lab Instructor - Professional Tutor, Beeville  (361)354-2500 
        Green, Floyd, MSN, ED, RN
    Schedule | Vitae
     Nursing Instructor, Kingsville (361)592-1615 x 4039 
      Sylvia Jupe (small)  Jupe, Sylvia, LVN
    Schedule | Vitae
    Nursing Instructor, Pleasanton (830)569-4222 x 1218
     Audrey Lorberau (small)  Lorberau, Audrey, BSN, RN
    Schedule | Vitae
    Nursing Instructor, Alice (361)664-2981 x 3054 
     Karyn Mills  Mills, Karyn, RN
    Schedule | Vitae
    Nursing Instructor, Alice (361)664-2981 x 3022 
     Melanie Reeves Reeves, Melanie, LVN
     Lab Instructor - Professional Tutor, Alice  (361)664 2981 x 3044
     Irma Trevino (small)  Trevino, Irma, RN 
    Nursing Instructor, Pleasanton (361) 354-2524