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    If the accused individual is a member of Coastal Bend College community, a no contact letter will be given to all parties involved. This will prohibit communication, verbally, in writing, through technology or third parties, between the parties. A protective order is a court order that protects an individual from being abused by a member or former member of his/her household or family or someone the individual has been dating. Coastal Bend College will be available to assist the individual and will coordinate safety plans in collaboration with Student Development or Human Resources, if deemed appropriate.

    Individuals may also seek a protective order via their local County Attorney’s Office.

    Important Phone Numbers
    • Police/Sheriff: 911
    • Women’s Shelter
    o 1(800)580-4878 or 1(361)881-8888
    • National Domestic Violence Hotline
    o 800-799-7233
    o TDD 800-787-3224
    • Texas Women's Advocacy Project
    o 1(800)-374-HOPE

    • Family Violence Hotline:
    o 1(800)-777-3247
    • Texas Department of Human Services
    o Abuse Hotline: 800-252-5400
    • Texas Legal Services Center: 512-477-6000